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Gala Global Reveals the Creation of a Specialized Medical Marijuana Advisory Board to Consult on Marijuana Business in California

Board to Consult Company and Subsidiaries on Assembly Bills 266, 243 and Senate Bill 643

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / January 5, 2016 / Gala Global, Inc. (GLAG), a startup supplier of new products and services in the hemp and cannabis industries, today announced the creation of a seven person advisory board that will specialize in maximizing Gala Global's business development in light of California's new landmark marijuana legislation. This announcement comes with the introduction of five new members that will merge into the two-person advisory board formed back in October 2015.

The new advisory board will focus on the individualized needs of each one of the Company's subsidiaries and affiliated companies: Cannabis Ventures, Inc., a company that focuses on the commercialization of cannabis and hemp, CBD Livin, which delivers products such as oils, lotions, water, teas and vapor pens and Cloneville (CCSC), an affiliated organization that has been at the forefront of the legalization and medical marijuana movements. Each member of this seven person advisory board will bring a specialized knowledge and experience tailored to the different facets of each one of the Company's subsidiaries and affiliates.

Gala Global believes that with California medical marijuana bills AB 266, AB 243 and SB 643 having gone into effect on January 1, 2016, the State is primed to become a hemp and cannabis global economic leader. It is therefore paramount that the Company assembles the best minds and leaders from across all sectors of the industry under the Gala Global umbrella to assure a prosperous ushering into the new regulatory framework that awaits.

The newly appointed advisory board members include James M. Haas Jr., CEO of GreenGro Technologies, Inc. (GRNH), a manufacturer specializing in eco-friendly green technologies and agricultural science systems, Dr. Albert Sanchez Sr. EdS. PhD., a holistic doctor with more than 54 years of experience dedicated to finding cures for chronic degenerative diseases, George W. M. Mull Esq., Attorney At Law, specializing in medical marijuana compliance, licensing and regulation, Will Senn, an industry retail and medicinal dispensary operations innovator and political activist, and Sammy Trujillo, a cannabis industry sales and marketing professional with more than six years of experience throughout all of California. They join original members Calvin Frye, CEO of Gala Global and Allison Hess, legal consultant specializing in the cannabis industry to round out the new advisory board.

"Right now is an exciting time to be in the hemp and cannabis business in California," said Calvin Frye, CEO of Gala Global. "The industry will no longer be the wild west, but a viable regulated market with new opportunities for growers, transporters, manufacturers, dispensaries and distributors to be profitable – legally, for the first time," Frye continued. "These changes are why we established a knowledgeable and robust advisory board."

Ms. Hess concluded, "California is the world's eighth largest economy. We are strategically placed at the center of a market that is on the verge of unprecedented economic growth. Having all of these great minds from different sectors of our industry working together under one roof all complimenting each other is such a tremendous addition to Gala Global's value. This is just exciting. The synergies will be amazing to watch unfold for us."

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Gala Global, Inc. is a publicly traded development stage company, which plans to expand in the hemp and cannabis industries. The company is refocusing its purpose on the development, research, and commercialization of products derived from the hemp and cannabis plants, while expanding its clothing operations and upcoming hemp based fiber apparel and accessories division.

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