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Ground Breaking Co-Diagnostics' CoPrimers(TM) Technology Advances SNP Detection

SNP Detection Plays Key Role in Detection of Cancer Along with Significant Agricultural and Food Security Applications

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 11, 2018 / At any given point, the genes of every human, plant, and animal are vulnerable to small but potentially significant variations. Detecting these variations (known as single-nucleotide polymorphisms, or SNPs), is big business for many industries, and Co-Diagnostics, Inc.'s (CODX) CoPrimer™ platform technology may hold the key to all of them.

SNPs, often pronounced "snips," may be beneficial, such as those adaptations that result from external stimuli leading to increased production rates among crops, or enhanced resistance to diseases and other dangers of our environment. Other SNPs are harmful, and being aware of genetic predispositions towards cancer, mental illness, or heart disease in advance can allow us to take the preventative measures required to improve our quality of life years before being diagnosed with a disease or illness.

Medical applications of SNP detection include identifying the presence of cancer cells or cell-free genetic material in a tissue or liquid biopsy, and to determine the distinct type of cancer involved. SNP detection is also used in the agricultural industry to identify variations in crop genomes associated with desired characteristics such as higher yield, drought and disease resistance and improved seed viability.

So what makes CoPrimers so exceptional? Part of the secret lies in their ability to multiplex, or identify a broad spectrum of conditions in a single molecular diagnostic test procedure, as opposed to conducting several individual procedures. Co-Diagnostics believes this technology has been shown to be a vast improvement on precursor attempts at multiplexing due to its unique attributes, most notably its ability to virtually eliminate "primer-dimers" which are the source for false positive test results. A recently completed study confirmed the ability of CoPrimers to be used in multiplexed SNP reactions without re-optimization of primers to avoid primer-dimers, allowing researchers or technicians to utilize any combination of primer sets without concerns of cross-reactivity.

CoPrimers give researchers and developers an advantage in ensuring food production can keep up with the growing demand, the need for which is only projected to increase in the years to come. Superior SNP detection helps to identify the presence of beneficial molecular makers belonging to disease-resistant crops and livestock, as well as testing for mutations indicating the presence of harmful genes. A real-life example of applying CoPrimers to SNP detection in a medical environment includes being able to test for several specific mutation in genes linked to breast cancer in order to determine a patient's prognosis, initiate the most effective and affordable treatment and to determine whether chemotherapy is necessary.

These are large and growing markets where Co-Diagnostics technology is uniquely positioned to provide highly differentiated solutions, with great accuracy and cost-efficiency.

Co-Diagnostics' CoPrimer technology is paving the way to better molecular diagnostics, and the implications will be profound for all of us.

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