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HBO Max chief says releasing the Snyder Cut does not set a dangerous precedent

Gregory Wakeman
Tony Goncalves says HBO Max will not just redo every movie (Image by Warner Bros)

Tony Goncalves, the man in charge of HBO Max, has insisted that Warner Bros’ decision to release the Snyder Cut of Justice League on the new streaming service does not set a precedent. 

In the days after it was announced that director Zack Snyder will get a chance to complete his vision of Justice League, which will be released at some point in 2021, there have been calls for David Ayer’s version of Suicide Squad to be given the same treatment. 

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After being told about the latest push from DC fans, Goncalves was asked by The Verge whether WarnerMedia ever considered if releasing the Snyder Cut might set a dangerous precedent for the movie industry. Some people have been worried that the decision to release the Snyder Cut will only encourage fans to be more vocal and toxic in order to get what they want. 

SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA - SEPTEMBER 18: Tony Goncalves, WarnerMedia Direct to Consumer, Otter Media responds to a question at The Relevance Conference, sharing insight into preserving authentic connections with audiences through diversity and inclusion. The Relevance Conference, hosted by Xandr, AT&T’s advanced advertising and analytics company, brings together advertising and media thought leaders to discuss the shifting relationship between consumers, brands and content. The event was held on September 18, 2019 at The Ritz-Carlton Bacara in Santa Barbara, CA. (Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for Xandr)

“Look, definitely not a precedent,” was his emphatic response, before he then added. “We’re in a space where consumers are loud. Consumers guide, and we absolutely have to listen as industry.”

“I had a boss that once said, ‘Industry and consumers aren’t always aligned, but consumers do tend to win.’ It’s a fine balance.”

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“And I think when it comes to video, when it comes to entertainment, when it comes to content, consumers have never had more choice, and they’ve never had more of a voice. But that doesn’t mean that we will go and invest our dollars in every single fandom that exists.”

Goncalves then said that even though the people at HBO Max will “listen” to the consumers, it doesn’t mean that they’re “going to go redo every movie ever made.” Instead, this communication is just proof that they have their “ear to the ground.”