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Here's an exploit in ‘Destiny’ to find Exotic Engrams way faster than normal

Tim Mulkerin
Rise of Iron Destiny gear
Rise of Iron Destiny gear


If you've jumped back on the "Destiny" train with the recent release of "Rise of Iron," but you're finding that getting your Light level anywhere close to the max level is a bit of a slog, you are definitely not alone.

Killing Ultra-level bosses in "Destiny" missions is a great way to earn Rare, Legendary, and Exotic Engrams, but you just don't encounter them that much, right?

Well, I have good news: Here's a trick described in a video by YouTuber TritanArmy (NSFW language warning) that you can use that will help drastically increase your chances of finding high-level Engrams:

  • First, make sure you have a rocket launcher that will kill your character in a single shot. You can test this by just pointing it straight at the ground and firing. As stupid as it sounds, this is actually a super important part of the exploit.

  • Travel to Venus and select the mission "Scourge of Winter."

  • Sprint to the end of the mission, where you'll encounter Draksis, the level's final boss.

  • If you have a Three of Coins — which is a special item that increases your chances of finding an Exotic Engram — use it now! If you don't have any, you should buy some from Xur, the merchant who only appears on weekends. (Wow, "Destiny" really makes no sense, you guys.)

  • Get Draksis down to just a sliver of health using your regular weapons, but don't kill him right away. Once his health is low, get really, really close to him, and use that super powerful rocket launcher of yours, killing both Draksis and yourself in a single shot.

  • This will cause both your character and Draksis to respawn, allowing you to run back into the room, pick up whatever loot he dropped, and do it all over again.

  • If you're planning on using Three of Coins, consider using them only once every 15 minutes or so. Bungie discovered players were using this exploit and changed the way Three of Coins worked so that their effect is diminished when used in rapid succession. In the gap time, you can still earn non-Exotic Engrams from Draksis.

  • So, even if your goal is to get Exotic Engrams, this is still a pretty good way to get Legendary and Rare Engrams, raising your overall Light level.

This is definitely not a brand-new exploit — people have been using it and discussing it on the Destiny subreddit for quite awhile — but it's one that any budding "Destiny" player should know. Because who has time to raise their Light level the old-fashioned way, really?

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