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LeBron James Lakers gear recalling 'Showtime' days appears to leak via retail SNAFU

The Lakers appear to be ushering in the LeBron James era with gear similar to what Magic Johnson wore in the “Showtime” days. (AP)

A sporting goods store appears to have jumped the gun on the new Lakers uniform reveal Wednesday when it tweeted out pictures of LeBron James gear that wasn’t yet slated for public consumption.

Modell’s Sporting Goods quickly deleted photos of replica “23” jerseys that appear to be ushering in the James era with a nod to the glory days of the “Showtime” Lakers.

Internet preserves leaked Lakers gear

For The Win picked up on the leak that was captured by astute Twitter users before Modell’s had time to take down the offending tweet.

Notice the white shadowing around the numbers, a style that hasn’t been used since the 90s and is a take on the uniform trademark of the 80s Lakers helmed by Magic Johnson, James Worthy and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Lakers looking to Kobe-era gear too?

ESPN’s Arash Markazi picked up on the trend on T-shirts released Tuesday, while noting that another design resembled gear from the Kobe Bryant era.

The Lakers are expected to officially release the new designs next week.

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