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How to Find the Next 1,000% Stock

Jeff Remsburg

Just two hours ago, Eric Fry revealed his next 1,000% pick — absolutely free. Here’s what to do if you missed it

The numbers are still coming in as I write, but it’s looking like Eric Fry’s Beachfront Millionaire Summit, which went live just two hours ago, is one of the biggest events in InvestorPlace history.

Frankly, we expected it would get a great deal of interest — after all, it’s not every day that someone who’s found 41 different 1,000%+ winning stocks shares his investment methodology. But we weren’t quite prepared for this much interest.

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If you wanted to attend but weren’t able, no problem — we know that a 3 p.m. start-time can be challenging for some schedules.

That’s why we’ve made available a playback of the event. Just click here to access it. But please watch as soon as you’re able since we’ll be taking it down after a few days. And when it goes away, Eric’s free stock pick, the one he thinks can go up 1,000% — will go away too.

***If somehow you missed our introduction to Eric and today’s event, let me provide a bit more context

Eric is InvestorPlace’s “Global Macro Specialist.” For those unfamiliar with the term, the meaning is pretty simple. Instead of examining stocks one by one, Eric begins by looking at investment opportunities on a broad, global perspective — which overall markets are most attractive. Some refer to this as “top-down” investing (whereas starting with individual stocks would be “bottom-up” investing). It’s only after he finds an attractive market that he digs deeper, identifying the best, specific plays within that market.

Eric’s experience with macro trends has helped him call nearly every significant market move of the past 25 years. And as part of this, as mentioned above, he’s found more 1,000%+ recommendations than anyone we know of in the newsletter business — 41 to be exact.

But Eric’s superior investment chops aren’t limited to the newsletter world — he’s also one of the best investors on Wall Street. As evidence, in 2016, he took 1st place in Wall Street’s biggest investment competition, topping 650 investors including legends Mario Gabelli, David Einhorn, Bill Ackman and Joel Greenblatt. Eric posted a mammoth 140% return in just one year — earning him the title of “America’s Top Trader.”

***Today’s event centered around Eric’s approach to the markets — the same one that enabled him to take first place in the investment competition I just referenced

It’s something Eric calls the “PRO System.” This stands for “Proprietary Risk-On” System. Let me provide some of the highlights of how this works …

As an overview, the goal of the PRO System is to provide investors a clear roadmap as to when to establish a new investment position — at the point when it’s beginning to move higher … and then alert the investor as to the dangerous moments when it’s time to exit the trade.

The system is built upon two powerful market factors that are used by some of the most successful investors in the world — value and momentum.

Value simply refers to buying investments for bargain prices. After all, if you spend top dollar on a high-flying stock, have you really gotten a good value? No. You’ve paid through the teeth. So, unless that stock continues to meet — and beat — expectations, odds are it’ll eventually disappoint investors and suffer a long fall.

But what if you’re able to find a great company with a much lower stock price? One that doesn’t accurately reflect the solid earnings potential of the company? Well, that’s a great value.

That’s the first thing Eric looks for.

The second thing — momentum — refers to the price action of the stock. See, let’s say you find a great stock that’s trading at low price, so it’s offering you a wonderful value. While that’s a great start, it alone doesn’t mean it’s a good addition to your portfolio.


Because who’s to say the stock won’t continue to remain trading at that low price? It could linger there for years.

What momentum traders look for are those stocks that are beginning to make an upward move … gaining velocity … building speed.

It’s when you combine a stock that’s trading at a great, low valuation, yet is also beginning to enjoy strong upward momentum, that the investment gains can be huge.

That’s the foundation of Eric’s PRO System.

***Let’s dig in a bit more to see how the system works

The beauty of the PRO System is it simplifies things by breaking down an investment cycle into four stages.

Now, in the first stage, you have a company that’s trading at a good-value price. At this point, lots of value investors establish new positions. That would seem to be a good idea, but it’s actually not.

You see, these investors are missing something — just because a stock is inexpensive doesn’t mean it’s poised to begin climbing. It might linger at these basement prices for many years.

That’s why Eric doesn’t consider this first stage as a buying opportunity — despite attractive prices. Of course, Eric’s proprietary valuation system does sniff out these companies. But it’s more so to add them to his “watchlist.” The actual buying? Well, that requires the second stage …

This is when things begin to heat up. Why? Well, in short, it’s because the stock has begun to move. This is the “Risk On” zone. This simply means we’re moving out of cash, into stocks, which is a riskier asset than cash. This is the ideal buy point in the life cycle, where the big gains are made. Eric’s system identifies when stocks are entering this phase … and the gains can add up fast.

For example, in one of Apple’s “cheap, but climbing” stages, the stock soared 1,200% in less than three years.

It was also stage two that led to BGR Precious Metals popping 1,172%. For Australia and New Zealand Banking, it was nearly 8,000%. Think about that one — a $10,000 investment would have climbed to almost $800,000. That’s the power of stage two.

But timing the buying part correctly is just one half of the PRO System. After all, if you’re not careful about when to sell, you can see those gains vanish — and quickly.

That’s where stages three and four come in. In essence, Eric tracks momentum and valuations in these stages to identify when it’s time to get out, locking in those gains.

***When you put it all together, the PRO System is a holistic model that helps simplify investing

You identify certain triggers that get you into a trade … then keep an eye out for the indicators that tell you it’s time to exit with profits.

This cycle repeats itself over and over. It happens all around the world, in different markets, with different assets. The challenge is identifying them. Of course, that’s Eric’s specialty, and he has used this system over and over to get double, triple, and quadruple-digit gains.

There are far more details about the PRO System that Eric covered in his Summit which are important to know. But as mentioned above, the good news is we’re making a playback of the event available to you for a limited time.

Just click here to check it out and all the specifics of the PRO System. But please do it soon, as we’ll be taking down the link in a few days.

And remember — keep your eyes open for the name of the #1 investment Eric believes is most likely to be his next 1,000%+ winner. He gave it away from free in the presentation.

Thanks to everyone who attended the event and made it such a huge success!

Have a good evening,

Jeff Remsburg

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