Nextt Raises $700,000 in Seed Funding to Launch Private Social Network for Friends to Do More Together in the Real World

Former Co-Founder Builds Network for Being Social in the Real World

MADISON, WI--(Marketwired - Jun 19, 2013) - Nextt, a private social network for friends to connect online so they can do more together offline, announced today that it has received $700,000 in seed funding led by institutional investors including Venture Investors and Great Oaks Venture Capital. Set to debut soon as a free web platform and mobile app, Nextt will provide a dedicated place for friends to create and share future plans in private, as an alternative to open social networks, long e-mail chains and noisy group chat messaging.

"At Nextt, we think it is time that our social networks evolve to meet our full range of social needs -- to focus on face-to-face friendships in addition to digital friends, and to discover the future in addition to sharing the past," said Mark McGuire, co-founder of Nextt. "Our goal at Nextt is to help friends do more together in the real world so they can find the balance between being digitally connected and truly connecting."

Mark McGuire is a three-time entrepreneur whose previous start-ups include (acquired by Corporation Service Company) and (acquired by Microsoft). Nextt is currently in private beta and slated for release in the upcoming months. For updates and early access, visit

"Amid the explosion of ways people connect online -- photos, news feeds, location check-ins, microblogs and more -- we see a huge potential for what Nextt can offer those looking to connect with friends to experience more together in their 'real' lives, in addition to sharing a digital archive of their past experiences," said Scott Button, managing partner at Venture Investors. "We continue to see significant innovation in the social web space, and we're excited to support the work that Nextt is doing to move social software forward in this important new way."

About Nextt
Nextt is a private social network for friends to create future experiences together. Nextt will provide tools for people to discover shared interests and turn ideas into real world activities so they can get busy living richer lives in the real world. For more information, visit