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Orvana Reports Revised Resource and Reserve Estimates for the Upper Mineralized Zone ("UMZ") Copper-Gold-Silver Mine, Bolivia

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Dec 13, 2012) - Orvana Minerals Corp. (ORV.TO), through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Empresa Minera Paititi ("EMIPA"), provides updated National Instrument ("NI") 43-101-compliant resource and reserve estimates for its Don Mario UMZ copper-gold-silver mine operations in Bolivia. During 2012, EMIPA made significant changes to the mining and processing aspects of the operation thus warranting an update.

The updated NI 43-101-compliant resource and reserve estimates are effective October 1, 2012 and are shown in the tables below. The reserve estimate contains approximately 177,000 ounces of gold, 5.6 million ounces of silver, and 120 million pounds of copper, which is a decrease of about 5%, 2%, and 11%, respectively, after considerations for production through September 30, 2012 as well as the exclusion of certain oxide mineralization whose metals cannot be extracted economically (see press release of January 18, 2012); testing of these ores will continue in order to seek a viable extraction method. The most significant change in the mine plan is the processing of Transition ore by a Flotation-Only process instead of the Leach-Precipitation-Flotation ("LPF") process.

        MEASURED           INDICATED           INFERRED    
    tonnes,   Gold,   Copper,   Silver,   tonnes,   Gold,   Copper,   Silver,   tonnes,   Gold,   Copper,   Silver,
ORE TYPE   ''000s   g/t   %   g/t   ''000s   g/t   %   g/t   ''000s   g/t   %   g/t
Oxides (in situ)   149   1.90   1.74   77   219   1.94   1.88   63   38   1.93   1.80   52
Oxides (stockpile)                   757   1.78   1.79   44                
Transition (in situ)   701   1.30   1.23   44   938   1.22   1.18   41   97   0.96   1.10   43
Transition (stockpile)                   3   1.40   1.53   72                
Sulphides   874   1.16   1.15   30   1,344   1.03   1.07   31   28   1.02   0.73   17
    1,724   1.28   1.23   39   3,261   1.32   1.32   39   162   1.20   1.20   40
            TOTAL M&I   4,985   1.31   1.29   39                
            PROVEN           PROBABLE       PROVEN + PROBABLE    
    tonnes,   Gold,   Copper,   Silver,   tonnes,   Gold,   Copper,   Silver,   tonnes,   Gold,   Copper,   Silver,
ORE TYPE   ''000s   g/t   %   g/t   ''000s   g/t   %   g/t   ''000s   g/t   %   g/t
Oxides (in situ)   131   1.85   1.78   83   196   1.86   1.90   67   327   1.85   1.85   73
Oxides (stockpile)                   401   1.74   1.81   49   401   1.74   1.81   49
Transition (in situ)   643   1.32   1.22   43   908   1.23   1.17   41   1,551   1.27   1.19   42
Transition (stockpile)                   3   1.40   1.53   72   3   1.40   1.53   72
Sulphides   820   1.13   1.16   30   1,231   1.05   1.10   31   2,051   1.08   1.12   31
    1,594   1.26   1.23   40   2,739   1.27   1.28   40   4,333   1.27   1.26   40
            TOTAL 2P   4,333   1.27   1.26   40                

Note: As of October 1, 2012, the effective date of the Technical Report to be filed.

The mine plan now consists of 720,000 tonnes per year of Flotation-Only processing of Transition and Sulphide ores and 100,800 tonnes per year of LPF processing of oxide ores through 2017; the LPF processing of 224,300 tonnes of certain stockpiled oxide ores will continue in 2018. Model parameters are as follows:

Mine Plan: Flotation-Only - 2,700 tonnes/day (263 days/yr)
  LPF - 1,667 tonnes/day (60 days/yr)
  224,300-tonne oxide stockpile sent to LPF in 2018
Gold recovery: Flotation-Only (Transition) - 50%  
  Flotation-Only (Sulphide) - 60%  
  LPF - 56%  
Copper recovery: Flotation-Only (Transition) - 60%  
  Flotation-Only (Sulphide) - 80%  
  LPF - 60%  
Silver recovery: Flotation-Only (Transition) - 50%  
  Flotation-Only (Sulphide) - 60%  
  LPF - 40%  

Key financial input parameters are (all values in US dollars):

Sustaining capital: $ 26,900,000
Mine operating cost: $ 4.78 per tonne (ore + waste)
Strip ratio (waste:ore):   0.55:1
Processing cost:    
  LPF: $ 80.23 per tonne ore (Oxide)
  Flotation -only: $ 13.09 per tonne ore (Transition, Sulphide)
G&A: $ 6.76 per tonne ore (LPF)
  $ 5.68 per tonne ore (Flotation-Only)
Copper sales: $ 0.85 per pound (LPF)
  $ 1.28 per pound (Flotation-Only)
Gold sales: $ 127.64 per ounce (LPF)
  $ 168.80 per ounce (Flotation-Only)
Silver sales: $ 3.40 per ounce (LPF)
  $ 5.20 per ounce (Flotation-Only)
Copper price (LOM): $ 3.00/pound
Gold price (LOM): $ 1,400.00/ounce
Silver price (LOM): $ 25.00/ounce

Certain oxide resources are not included in the mine plan, whether in situ or in stockpile, since treatment by Flotation-Only or LPF processes is not practical and/or not economically viable because of the input price deck or other parameters, but will be processed opportunistically during the life of mine. Likewise, some Transition and Sulphide resources not included in the mine plan will also be mined and processed opportunistically if extraction of the metals is economically viable.

Products made from the LPF process include a copper cement and a talc-rich precious-metal concentrate, and from the Flotation-Only process a copper concentrate with levels of lead from 8% to as high as 20% as well as a lead concentrate. All products are under contract.

"This mine plan outlines a path forward that optimizes the UMZ operation," said Bill Williams, President and Chief Executive Officer of Orvana Minerals Corp. "We will continue to pursue opportunities to improve recoveries as well as seek alternatives to extend production beyond 2018, including exploration in proximal concessions," he added.

During October, production was about 973,000 pounds of copper, 1,440 ounces of gold, and 76,000 ounces of silver. Total cash costs, on a co-product basis including all royalties and based on sales, were approximately $1.80 per pound copper, $910 per ounce gold and $16 per ounce silver. During November, production was about 1,060,000 pounds of copper, 1,290 ounces of gold, and 62,000 ounces of silver at total cash costs of <$2.00 per pound, <$980 per ounce, and <$22.00 per ounce, respectively. Whereas the Flotation-Only process was operable during October and November, the LPF process is currently active and processing will switch over to Flotation-Only next week and continue in January.

The information regarding the NI 43-101-compliant technical report was prepared under the supervision of Francisco Alcalde Garmendia of Kminante Consultores in Santiago, Chile, who is a qualified person for the purposes of NI 43-101 and is independent of EMIPA. The compilation of production information was prepared by Bill Williams, President and Chief Executive Officer of Orvana Minerals Corp, who is a qualified person for the purposes of NI 43-101.

The Technical Report will be filed on www.sedar.com and the Orvana website within 45 days of this release.

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