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OTC: ILUS, ILUS International (Ilustrato Pictures International Inc), Confirms Plans for Its Renewables Subsidiary and Replay Solutions

ILUS International Inc.
ILUS International Inc.

NEW YORK, NY, March 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NewMediaWire -- ILUS International Inc (OTC: ILUS) is a Mergers and Acquisitions company focused on acquiring and developing public safety technology-based companies across the globe. At its Annual Shareholder’s Meeting on the 28th of January 2022, the company spoke of its plans to create a renewables subsidiary alongside its Emergency Response, Integrated Systems and Defense subsidiaries. Since then, the company has fielded several questions from its Shareholders on the progress of the renewables subsidiary. ILUS is in final preparations for the incorporation and launch of its first renewables asset, Replay Solutions, which will commence operations from Serbia and Dubai during the second quarter of 2022, followed by the United States during the fourth quarter of 2022.

“We believe this is the most appropriate time to elaborate further on the plans for our renewables subsidiary. We previously mentioned this and have since fielded numerous questions from Shareholders and interested parties about our plans and intentions for this division of our business. We have made substantial progress with the renewables business over the last 6 months and as we approach our official ‘public’ launch for the first business in the division, we would like to give our Shareholders more insight into our plans and how this division fits into and benefits the overall ILUS picture. In short, saving lives and saving the environment has always been highest on our priority list and it runs in our veins. Therefore, renewable and sustainable solutions which protect our environment fit in so well alongside the likes of our emergency response and defense divisions,” said ILUS CEO, Nick Link.

ILUS’ core business is and will always remain orientated around fire and rescue, emergency response and public safety in general. The company formulated its Emergency Response Technologies (ERT) subsidiary over 6 months ago and has since been aggressively progressing it. ILUS’ initial short-term plans were to create and develop subsidiaries for its aligned acquisitions which would streamline management, increase efficiency, and ultimately make ILUS more effective at protecting and saving lives, and the environment. To this end, ILUS recently registered several US entities in the state of Delaware, including Emergency Response Technologies Inc, Vira Drones Inc, FireBug Technologies Inc, KurveXR Inc, E-Raptor Technologies Inc and ILUS Industries Inc. These sector specific entities have been created by ILUS to manage the subsidiaries and for each to develop their own self-sufficient management team that will incubate and grow each subsidiary. ILUS’ aim is that each subsidiary will grow into its own substantial business. These existing subsidiaries will now be joined by the Renewables subsidiary.

The ILUS leadership has divided up responsibilities among the management team and its senior staff so that it is effectively progressing each subsidiary whilst simultaneously completing several acquisitions for ERT. ERT will be home to ILUS’ Emergency Response acquisitions and therefore include companies which manufacture firefighting equipment or rescue vehicles, or which have technology or products for the emergency response sector. Current acquisitions or technologies sitting within ERT are FireBug, The Vehicle Converters, Georgia Fire and Rescue Supply, Bull Head Products, the rescue drones from within the Vira Drones range and the virtual reality life safety training from KurveXR. Several similarly aligned new acquisitions which are currently in the process of being completed by ILUS will also be added to ERT, including that of a previously mentioned large acquisition with six figure revenues. Remaining outside of the ERT business will be Vira Drones, KurveXR and BCD Fire, which form part of, or operate as their own subsidiaries under the ILUS umbrella. In addition to the Renewables subsidiary, the company will officially be adding a Defense subsidiary for which it plans to add a very significant acquisition soon.

ILUS’ newly created renewables subsidiary will initially be primarily orientated around urban mining. The urban mining business, known as Replay Solutions (www.replay-solutions.com),is initially being developed in Serbia and Dubai. ILUS plans to launch the urban mining business in the US during the fourth quarter of 2022 using a franchise model. Further assets will be added to the renewables division in the future; however, due to the ongoing shortage of precious metals globally, with demand far outstripping supply, Replay Solutions is in a strong position to capitalize on the demand through its urban mining business.

Replay Solutions has been building its management team for the past six months. The core management of the company is in place and has been working for the company for some time already. The required plant machinery for the scale up has been ordered and will be arriving at the Serbia and Dubai sites within weeks. Replay Solutions expects to have both sites fully operational by the start of May 2022. When Replay Solutions expands its operations to the US in the fourth quarter, it will operate a “hub and spoke” business model whereby one centralised regional hub with a large refining centre will be supplied by regional franchises that will be sold in each state by the company. Franchisees will be responsible for collecting, crushing, and then delivering the raw materials to the regional hub for complete refining. The management of Replay Solutions have previously achieved great success with this business model in similar businesses and believe it is both a lucrative and rewarding opportunity for Franchisees.

Urban mining is the process of recovering rare metals from discarded electronic equipment and electrical waste using mechanical and chemical treatments. Increased computerization, automation and modernization in general is driving the increased requirement for electronic devices and solutions. In turn the rapidly increasing demand for electronics is increasing the demand for the precious metals required to manufacture the electronics. Continuously mining rare earth metals directly from the earth is extremely detrimental to the environment and extremely uneconomical, yet even renewable energy technologies designed to save the environment such as electric vehicles and solar power are driving up the demand for precious metals.The consequence of large-scale mining is not sustainable and requires a balancing act to fulfil the ever-growing demand for the world’s electronic requirements. As the push for green technology and solutions continues, the challenge of obtaining rare earth metals without it becoming an environmental problem itself is forcing creative solutions and urban mining is one of them. The electronics people often throw away are a viable source of rare earth metals, and these electronics are all over cities across the planet. So, urban mining is a means of establishing a closed loop lifecycle by collecting electronic waste and reclaiming the rare earth metals from these unwanted electronics without creating further damage to the environment, and then using the same rare earth metals to reproduce the electronics.

To illustrate the inefficiency of traditional below ground mining when compared with urban mining of e-waste, from one tonne of ore mined from the average gold mine, an average of 5 grams of gold is obtained. Conversely, there is an average of 240 grams of gold obtained from one tonne of scrapped cell phones – there is also platinum, copper, tin, palladium, aluminium, lithium and more. Seven percentof the world’s gold can be found in old, unused electronic products. Using the example of cell phones only, studies show that Americans discard approximately nearly 200 million cell phones per year. In a study of 27 countries, the unused cell phones represent a sales value of nearly $2.5 billion in precious metals like gold, silver, palladium, platinum, and copper, which are all used to manufacture new electronic devices. India alone generates 2 million metric tonnes of e-waste per annum and is only the fifth largest generator after the U.S., China, Japan, and Germany. Cell phones play a major role in the e-waste generated every year since there are over 5 billion cell phone users globally, with most users replacing or discarding their cell phone every two years. Through urban mining, there can be more than enough global supply of precious metals from unused electronic devices to support the demand for new electronic devices which are being purchased annually.

Replay Solutions, which is the brainchild of ILUS CEO, Nick Link, has experimented for many years to develop an environmentally friendly, compact, efficient, and fully automated method of re-mining electronic waste in order extract the precious metals from it. The company has successfully developed and is now implementing its own innovative process for the extraction and refinement of the precious metals. Replay Solutions has already obtained a substantial and consistent supply of raw materials through several government contracts and is beginning to scale the business through its facility in Dubai and a larger operation in Serbia. In Serbia, the company later plans to add a specialized lithium recycling plant which will play a key role in supplying the growing lithium battery demand which already drastically exceeds its supply. ILUS has spoken with the lithium battery suppliers who supply the world’s largest automotive manufacturers with batteries for their electric vehicles and these suppliers have confirmed their lithium shortage and their willingness to receive supply from Serbia. With the continuously increasing commodity prices, a trend which is set to continue at an alarming rate, it is the perfect time to enter the urban mining sector with the most innovative and efficient e-waste re-mining processes.

John-Paul Backwell, ILUS Managing Director and Replay Solutions Board Member, concluded with the following: “We have repeatedly communicated our very clear objective of creating a conglomerate where our company can deliver technology that saves lives and improves the world in which we live. We have made immense progress over the last few months with our ERT business, and we continue to hire and acquire for this subsidiary. ERT remains our core focus, especially with such exciting plans already underway for it, however we are continuing to operate according to the milestones we set for our business. Achieving these milestones keeps us on track towards becoming a global brand that is synonymous with a safety, security, and sustainability. Renewable technologies and processes such as urban mining which reduce the detrimental effects that traditional mining can have on the environment are one of several ways that we are aggressively pushing towards the achievement of our primary objective. Replay Solutions signifies the beginning of our renewables subsidiary, and it is particularly exciting because of the government supply contracts and revenue opportunities it provides. We look forward to announcing more about this business once it commences operations in Dubai and Serbia.”

For further information on the companies, please see their communication channels:

Website: https://ilus-group.com
Twitter: OTC_ILUS


Email: IR@Ilus-Group.com

Source: ILUS

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