The Pension Plan Token: Your Answer To Retirement

Cape Coral, Florida, Oct. 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The pension plan token is an undertaking that caters to the retirement plan of the investors by furnishing a very economical and highly advantageous pension. The goal of the Pension Plan team is to affirm their investors that their retirement funds are warranted and innocuous. The team has a long-term aspiration to render the authoritative pension plan for retirees globally. The community and team cognize the intrinsic value of the token and project as a whole due to the need for a transformation to the pension and retirement plan worldwide. Many people are larboard to retire into a financially unstable environment where they have not contrived correctly or simply allocated their pension funding to the wrong organization, who are not transparent and efficient on their tactics. With all of this in mind, the Pension Plan team has found an executable resolution to the momentous difficulty of retirement through their crypto-currency, making this utility one that has a priceless domino effect on every investors' future - including yours.

The Pension Plan token.

The token itself is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network which offers 7% reflections to holders directly in ETH. The team has coagulated the long-term aspirations of the project which is one of the many explanations of why this highly touted team has decided to launch on the Ethereum network. Ethereum has a much higher trading volume than other networks and also the very nature of the network encourages investors to hold long-term, which is essentially what the Pension Plan is all about by ensuring the safety of investors through the nature of the network. Redistribution of 12% occurs when Eth is collected through transactions. These redistributions consist of 7% reflection to holders in Eth, 2% to marketing, 1% to devs, 1% to cancer research, 0.5% to burn, and 0.5% to Hachiko Inu. The project and team with Pension Plan are resolute to donate funds to all causes they feel are of benefit to society - ranging from cancer research to servicing a better way of life for others.

The Pension Plan team:

The team is composed of doxxed individuals who understand the true potential of the project as they want to create a long-term sustainable pension for the Pension Plan holders. This is a project and team which you can rely on and also depend on that your money is safe and your profits will accumulate through holding. The system and structure in place are to try and provide financial freedom and security to people who want assurances that they can retire into a financially stable environment. Many businesses and people worldwide have thrived from unfortunate proceedings with the dealing of people’s pension funding, it is for one of these many reasons as to why the team has felt the need to make improvements and fill the necessary void.

Part of the Hachiko Inu ecosystem:

The Pension Plan token will always have a direct link to the Hachiko Inu token, as the team has an association with the project and has felt the need to implement a token that adds extra sustainability to the ecosystem. The Hachiko Inu token has proven to be a very successful ran project from start until now and the Pension Plan team has the necessary arrangement and commitment to this project to proceed in the footsteps of Hachiko Inu. The Pension Plan team is doing this by providing a safe haven to their investors in the short, medium, and long term. The ecosystem itself consists of USA NFT’s with a very unique third-tier banking system. The team has already locked liquidity and doxxed themselves so if investors want to feel reassured that their money is safe for their retirement plan then the Pension Plan Token is the pioneer and standard in crypto.

Pension Plan is endeavoring to raise at least $100,000 US Dollars by the beginning of 2022 and then to perpetually increase the amount with the aim to support various clinical research projects around the world via a trusted foundation. All these funds will be used straightaway for clinical research of cancer and other serious illnesses. Areas of clinical research faced the lowest investment period in this century as COVID-19, unfortunately, reduced the ability to fund cancer research by 50% in 2021. Targeted research organizations will carefully be selected by the senior members of the foundation board of the Pension Plan to secure maximum efficiency and transparency of the provided funds as clinical research belongs to the most differentiated fields. The Pension Plan community's contributions will help re-establish crucial research funding for new discoveries and better treatments to improve life for each of us and help significantly fight known serious illnesses in the future.

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