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Priyanka Chopra Wore Her Prom Dress and Then Returned It to Macy’s

Suzy Byrne
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment
Priyanka Chopra, at the Met Gala earlier this month, tells a story about buying a dress, wearing it to the prom, and then returning it. (Photo: Jackson Lee/FilmMagic)

Ladies, you know those annoying tags on formalwear warning you not to remove them unless you are absolutely, positively going to wear the outfit? Well, those tags were put there because of people like Priyanka Chopra.

The Baywatch and Quantico actress, 34, appeared on InStyle’s new Dirty Laundry video series and talked about the time she shamelessly bought a dress for the junior prom and returned it the next day ’cause she was young and broke. And if you can’t relate, just stop reading now.

“I was invited by a guy to the junior prom. I could not afford dresses because that was not my year to go to the prom. So the first time I felt ‘in style’ was the first time I went to Macy’s, picked out a dress, and probably returned it the next day,” she recalled, falling over in a fit of laughter.

When the magazine’s editor in chief Laura Brown’s mouth fell open in shock, the actress, who hails from India, said, “You said it was ‘dirty laundry,’” referring to the program title.

Chopra previously talked about attending a junior prom — back when she a freshman in high school — during a 2015 interview on Live With Kelly & Michael, and she even shared a photo. She was wearing a long white dress that had spaghetti straps and a long scarf that she draped around her neck and down her back.

Priyanka Chopra in the prom dress that she bought from Macy’s and returned. (Photo: YouTube)

“That is ninth-grade prom,” she said, cringing over the pic. “It’s terrible.”

Her prom date didn’t make the cut for the pic — and for good reason. She wasn’t into him. In fact, Chopra, who has been linked to Nick Jonas as of late, only went so that she could get closer to her real crush.

“I’m so bad, but I had a crush on this guy who was a junior, and this other guy — who was actually my date — had a crush on me. And I said, ‘Yeah, I’ll go to the prom with you’ to meet my crush,” she recalled on the morning show. “I was mean, but now I know better.”

In Chopra’s Dirty Laundry interview, she also talked about shoplifting during her high school years, saying, “When I was a teenager, I may have forgotten it was in my bag when I walked out of a store and then it was on my back the next day I was at school.”

However, her five-finger discount days came to an end when her aunt, whom she was living with, “found out and she got really, really livid and I wasn’t allowed to do it again.”

Luckily she became famous because celebrities mostly receive free clothes. No need to shoplift! The rest of the time, designers will lend them fancy dresses that they return after the event — just like with her junior prom. So it’s almost like she spent her teen years practicing being a celebrity.

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