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pSivida Corp. President and CEO, Dr. Paul Ashton Publishes Blog Post Titled ''Transformational Change and Ophthalmology''

pSivida Corp (PSDV) today published a second blog post on The Chairman’s Blog, written by the company’s President and CEO, Dr. Paul Ashton. TheChairmansBlog.com is an exclusive online media publication that enables key executive officers a unique platform to share insights about their company and industry trends.

Dr. Ashton elaborates on two recent news items for pSivida: the re-filing of the NDA to the FDA for ILUVIEN, developed with its partner Alimera Sciences, and the tech evaluation agreement with a leading global pharmaceutical company. As a follow-up to his first blog post, Dr. Ashton describes how pSivida is close to achieving Transformational Change with the help of the most recent tech evaluation agreement and other agreements over the past year: “So these agreements increase our chances of hitting Transformational Change, and at no cost to us. In fact our tech evaluation agreements are expected to bring in more than $2m over the next year or so; helps our burn rate AND gives real upside.” Read the full blog post from Dr. Paul Ashton on TheChairmansBlog.com (http://www.thechairmansblog.com/paul-ashton/2013-04/transformational-change-and-ophthalmology.html).

pSivida Corp., headquartered in Watertown, MA, develops tiny, sustained release, drugs delivery products designed to release drugs at a controlled and steady rate for months or years. pSivida is currently focused on treatment of chronic diseases of the back of the eye utilizing its core technology systems, Durasert™ and BioSilicon™. Two FDA-approved products, Vitrasert™ and Retisert™ are licensed to Bausch & Lomb. The company has licensed ILUVIEN® for DME to Alimera Sciences and that product has received marketing authorization in Austria, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain and the UK. pSivida has clinical trials ongoing for the treatment of posterior uveitis and glaucoma and ocular hypertension. Other technologies under development by pSivida include protein and antibody delivery systems in early clinical stages. www.pSivida.com

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