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Real estate company buys more Stark County properties

A for sale sign shows the property is sold.
A for sale sign shows the property is sold.

A limited liability company has purchased four Canton properties, one Massillon property and one Plain Township property for a total of $778,000, according to the latest real estate transfers filed with the Stark County Auditor's Office.

Kleins Exodus Real Estate LLC, which lists a North Canton mailing address, bought the mix of apartments and residential homes from CBCB Holdings LLC. The company owns one other property in Massillon, which it purchased in June.

The transfers cover Sept. 2 to Sept. 8.


Hamon Jamie from Martin Diane E, 1048 Fairfield Rd, $25,000.

Hitchings Cathy from Brunner Dave L, 560 E Milton St, $143,000.

Meyers Nicholas A & Dennis Christopher R from Williams Donny R & Angela F, 841 Devine St, $105,000.

Share Orly from Atlantic Real Estate Holdings LLC, 550 Waugh St, $96,000.

Sikora Investment Properties LLC from Talll Rentals IV LLC, 155 W Washington St, $31,150.

Strata Trevor A from Andrisani Elizabeth O, 1510 Federal Ave, $200,000.

Top Notch Re Development LLC from Jacobs Susan M & Maxwell E, 2206 S Linden Ave, $70,000.

Bethlehem Township

Essik Richard & Catherine from Springwood Lake Camp Club Property, parcel 1101022 Mombasa Ave, $2,900.

Matelski Phyllis Diann from Tucker Thomas Lee, 130 C St Nav Vil, $83,000.

Ray Scott & April from Smith Glen & Leslie, parcel 1100813 Swahali Trl SW, $8,600.

Snyder Daniel H & Julia K from Woodliff Thomas & Mia, 207 Center St NW, $184,900.

Canal Fulton

Neal Zackeri L from Garside Alan R Jr, 755 Locust St S, $135,000.


Acheampong Michael from Moore Donald L, 2710 34th St NE, $125,000.

Acheampong Michael from Moore Donald L, 3302 Morris Ave NE, $130,000.

Andrews Ricardo from Derheimer Barbara P, 2341 21st St NE, $20,000.

Beck Timothy R from Bugh Richard E, 1407 Roslyn Ave SW, $30,100.

Dudnikoff Gabrielle from Marks Marianne H, 1245 Wertz Ave SW, $71,000.

Eastern Renovations LLC from Starkey Craig A & Amy J, 3414 31st St NE, $50,000.

Forman Jason from Homeworthy Properties LLC, 1347 Shorb Ave NW, $70,000.

Grandjean Jean Paul from Moore Donald L, 2702 34th St NE, $135,000.

Grimes Andre & Mary from Rich Roland R & Frances J, 1203 Raff Rd SW, $127,000.

Hernandez Dominga Ac from Sharrard William K Jr & Tiffany, 1513 Spring Ave NE, $15,000.

K & S Homes LLC from Roberts Betty I, 142 Harter Ave NW, $125,000.

K S Yoak Enterprises LLC from Dechiara David A, 1136 7th St NW, $43,000.

K&R Property Solutions LLC from Kokensparger David W & Rico Linda D, 168 Aultman Ave NW, $77,000.

Kennedy Larry from Weir Tracey, 2812 Coventry BLVD NE, $102,000.

Kleins Exodus Real Estate LLC from CBCB Holdings LLC, 209 Clarendon Ave NW, $778,000.

Kleins Exodus Real Estate LLC from CBCB Holdings LLC, 302 Clarendon Ave NW, $778,000.

Kleins Exodus Real Estate LLC from CBCB Holdings LLC, 720 Broad Ave NW, $778,000.

Kleins Exodus Real Estate LLC from CBCB Holdings LLC, 819 7th St NW, $778,000.

KSR Homes LLC from Myers Rosemary S, 233 Montrose Ave NW, $92,400.

Lukco Megan from Matelski Phyllis D, 609 Broad Ave NW, $110,000.

Massey Natasha & Leon Jr from Oliver Brian, 1914 Penn PL NE, $75,000.

Mcewen Sean Allen from Neo Home Buyers Inc, 1379 Maryland Ave SW, $140,000.

Nunez Luis Gabriel from Barrino-Thompson Stacy D, 2314 24th St NE, $61,000.

Parks & Mcdew's Properties LLC from Ocheltree Ted J, 706 Harriet Ave NW, $22,000.

Pennel David from Schleig John v, 1134 Shadyside Ave SW, $52,000.

Premier Homes Inc from Benchmark Properties of Ohio Ltd, 1144 Plain Ave NE, $59,985.

Premier Homes Inc from Benchmark Properties of Ohio Ltd, 1147 Plain Ave NE, $59,985.

Premier Homes Inc from Shipley Montinique, 1038 Prospect Ave SW, $66,000.

Premier Homes Inc from WL Real Estate LLC, 805 Halter CT NW, $68,000.

Riley Jeffrey L from Thompson Willie F, 1329 4th St NE, $40,000.

Robbins Renee Rebecca from Robbins Sheila R, 1301 Maryland Ave SW, $100,000.

Rupp Brandon C from Urban Mary Ann, 2311 Gridley Ave NE, $95,000.

Smalls Shawn from Gatien Richard J & Sue A, 1211 Buena Vista St NE, $295,000.

Starr Donald E Jr from Hurd Elaine Trustee, 2444 Bevington St NW, $199,000.

Thompson Brittany N & Hancock Jake from Pearce Adam T & Lisa M, 2647 Gibbs Ave NE, $179,000.

True Legacy Homes LLC from Olson Amelia & Taylor Derek, 3504 Fairmount BLVD NE, $70,000.

Turner Brandy L & Teresa L from Malinowski Kenneth J & Thydia R, 4614 Woodland Ave NW, $260,000.

Umana Dora Alicia from Wilmington Savings Fund Societ FSB, 1021 13th St NW, $29,900.

Vasili Detailing LLC from R&M Rental Properties LLC, 1648 Cleveland Ave SW, $75,000.

Vasili Detailing LLC from R&M Rental Properties LLC, parcel 213454 Market Ave S, $75,000.

WLK Properties LLC from SSSL Properties LLC, 1621 Frazer Ave NW, $81,400.

Canton Township

Dy BNB LLC from Holick Carol M, 1444 Edmeyer Ave NW, $110,000.

Sparks Brian & Claudine from Malavite Development Inc, parcel 1313948 Birchmont Ave SW, $42,000.

Spirit Homes USA Management LLC from Sokolowski Sue A Ttee, 3323 Cleveland Ave SW, $124,850.

Jackson Township

Boeshart Brian Lee & Merri L from Anderson Andrew G, 9197 Forest Trail St NW, $385,000.

Clark William A from Foxx Jordan J & Katelyn, 4148 Glacier Ave NW, $265,000.

Executive Emr Consulting LLC from Dottavio Charles A, 5288 Frank Ave NW, $214,900.

Huynh Thi Ngoc Tam & Tran Thao Van from Spade Lawrence & Sonya, 9879 Emerald Ridge St NW, $335,000.

Jacoby David & Katie from Gregory Daniel B & Mary M, 8663 Scotsbury St NW, $370,000.

King Aaron Robert & Lena from Beatty Group LLC, 5038 Forbes Ave NW, $80,000.

Kotte Deborah A Ttee from Rose Donna M, 2502 Charing Cross Rd NW, $268,000.

Late Summer LLC from Leboeuf Randy, 2540 Woodlawn Cir NW, $214,000.

Mattachione Louie E & Trace Frank from Deville Hills & Dales LLC, 5904 Hawks Nest Cir NW Condo 14A, $455,550.

Neal Robert J & Mathers Alyssa M from Neal Joseph M, 5621 Echodell Ave NW, $172,500.

Nee Helen from Cucerzan Alex, 5335 Huckleberry St NW, $225,000.

Ramos Rony J & Kulesa Myranda T from Capuano Gino A & Julia C, 8344 Traphagen St NW, $211,000.

Schuring J Derrick & Allison from Kristoff Lisa M, 7475 Braucher St NW, $253,000.

Stefan Donald & Maureen from Kazemi Lindsay D & Alex M, 5460 Villarose Ave NW, $299,900.

Weaver Eugene & Joani from Noyes Matthew & Elizabeth, parcel 10008075 Portage St NW, $265,000.

Lake Township

Botzer Tiffanie L & Richard A from Martina Mark A Jr & Kimberly L, 490 Byberry Dr NE, $535,000.

Foldi Mitchell A from Gilbert Marcus & Madison Gesiotto, 11696 William Penn Ave NE, $645,000.

Grubich Brian J & Alicia M from Burrows Robert James, 3729 Greenlawn St NW, $280,000.

Mataczynski Bradley D & Kathrine K from Neal Kurt J & Alexi R, 338 Leighfield LN NE, $752,000.

NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes from A List Land Development LLC, 2377 Serravalle St NW, $78,000.

Richards Russell G & Amanda J from Riffle Allen W, 10265 Carlswood Ave NE, $325,000.

Schafer Michael W from Schieve Claudia M, 1109 Meandering Creek NW, $268,250.

Lawrence Township

Merry Robert & Valerie from Chance Eric & Rebecca, parcel 2618040 Warwick Dr NW, $157,100.


Beamer Charles Jr & Dharma from Baker David M & Teresa A, 320 S Marion Ave, $268,000.

Farina Alenna & Paulick David from Schumacher Ted M, 734 E Broad St, $178,500.

Hawthorne Eric W from Hamilton Natasha, 922 Schafer CT, $92,000.

Smith Michael & Barbara from Mcnamee Brad A & Amy, 1975 Pleasure CT, $218,613.

Marlboro Township

Morris Joseph M from Smith Timothy C & Bonnie K, 14684 Gopp Ave NE, $175,500.


Andesite Residential Opportunity Fund LL from Rohr Deborah S, 917 Wales Rd NE, $30,200.

Cascade Funding Mortage Trust HB3 from Snell Dolores M, 905 9th St SW, $92,000.

First Commonwealth Bank from Petrarca Michael P, 2212 Cambridge Ave SE, $65,100.

Hartman Chad M from Lindsey Wendy, parcel 604798 Tremont Ave SW, $12,000.

Keen Saphire Jacquelyn & Baker Justin from Shuss Zane R & Erin M, 189 24th St SE, $190,000.

Kleins Exodus Real Estate LLC from CBCB Holdings LLC, 627 State Ave NE, $778,000.

NVR Inc A Virginia Corporation from Lockhart A R Development Co, parcel 10017103 Yellow Creek Ave NW, $59,000.

Powell Robert from Laterza Joseph W, 823 Wallace Ave SE, $82,400.

The Money Source Inc from Duck James W, 217 Willow Ave NE, $92,000.

Towd Point Mortgage Trust 2016-3 US Bank from Specogna Betty, 1022 15th St SW, $68,600.

Trawinski Kendra Marie from Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO, 431 State Ave NE, $115,000.

Wells Fargo Bank Na from Ream Paula K, 438 Taylor St SW, $52,000.

Wenger Howard J from Seibert David A Jr & Kelly L Trustees, 4582 West Pointe Cir NW 2-B, $299,900.

Young Kenneth L from Mcatee Thomas L, 402 Lake Ave NE, $169,900.

Nimishillen Township

Huprich Robert E & Karen C from Silagy Anna, 4795 Fruitland Ave, $275,500.

North Canton

Anderson Patrick I & Shawna L Ttees from Poe Walter M & Longanbach Karen D, 450 Dillon Cir NE, $430,000.

Carr Michael & Jennifer from Dawson Kathie S, 730 W Maple St, $202,311.

Carrollton Professional Alliance LLC from Hazeriah LLC, 506 S Main St, $250,000.

Oberster Mark H from Jackson Loretta M, 812 Church St SW, $210,000.

Pendleton Jessica Ann & Tyler Michael from King Aaron & Gichevski Lena, 705 Pershing Ave SE, $299,900.

Tomak Christian J from Cook Timothy J, 1560 Pilgrims Knob SE, $500,000.

Osnaburg Township

2nd Chance Construction LLC from Pay N Stay Rentals LLC, 113 Nassau St W, $45,000.

Bellamy Steven J from Levy Patricia M, 2959 Indian Run Ave SE, $175,000.

Burgess Joseph W from Lesh Thomas M Sr & Limin Wu, parcel 3704408 Lisbon St E, $30,000.

DBS Energy LLC & Ram Property Investment from Friend Todd F & Ranalli Bridget A, parcel 3702401 Sam Krabill Ave SE, $21,545.

Helms Jason A & Conrad-Helms Michelle R from Schneider Drena M, 9300 Georgetown St NE, $335,000.

Martin Dylan Robert from Beamer Charles T Jr & Dharma Madison, 2025 Broadway Ave NE, $222,500.

Richeson Robert A from Davis Howard J & Michelle R, 2676 Sunlight Ave NE, $130,000.

Perry Township

Aore Capital Investments LLC from Douglas Robin, 4841 14th St SW, $82,500.

Betro Laura Brittany from Limbers Jessica & Pendleton Tyler, 3009 Chippendale St NW, $190,000.

Erb Briannea & Dylan from Marmet Monica R & Dylon M, 6007 Drenta Cir SW, $216,000.

Erie Street Investments LLC from Beaver Diane, 4516 Navarre Rd SW #61, $8,000.

Gable Daniel & Jodi L from Mcgrady Timothy P, 5254 Tyner St NW, $250,000.

Gable Daniel & Jodi L from Mcgrady Timothy P, parcel 4306515 3rd St NW, $250,000.

Guy Justin from Biasella Lorreen E, 690 Woodlawn Ave NW, $171,000.

Hershey Heather Marie from Watkins James M & Norma J, 523 Netherwood Ave NW, $274,900.

Knecht Jeffrey A II from Young Kenneth L & Henry Jerri L, 560 Genoa Ave NW, $180,000.

Mosher Daniel from Thomas Robert S, 1257 Western Ave SW, $141,225.

Salter David W & Brianna L from Whitmer Autumn Victoria & Erik Joseph, 1733 Thornridge Rd NW, $225,000.

WGCS Investments LLC from DJD Properties LLC, 3244 Bailey St NW, $106,700.

WGCS Investments LLC from DJD Properties LLC, parcel 4305519 Newport Ave NW, $106,700.

Wilson Ryan R from Wilson Richard A & Lester P & Ronald L, 4243 Westmont Ave SW, $150,000.

Pike Township

Baker Hunter A from East Sparta Community Church, 1787 Reynolds St SE, $182,000.

Doubledown LLC & Willow Springs Properti from Shifflet Cynthia & Rick, parcel 5000560 Dueber Ave SW, $108,045.

Kinser Amy Lynn Fka Gibson Amy Lynn from Keeton Naomi & Leggett Loretta &, 1827 Neuman St SE, $85,000.

Plain Township

Baker Roy A & Kriss L from Mckinley-Applegroveltd, 1290 Longshadow Ave NE, $75,000.

Benchmark Properties of Ohio Ltd from Smithberger Steven A, 1209 34th St NE, $75,000.

Breiding Jacob A from Starr Kelly A, 4535 Middlebranch Ave NE, $230,100.

Haverstock Paula from Jones Douglas D Ttee, 3002 23rd St NW, $189,900.

Hurrican Hole Holdings Ltd from Cline Judy A, 7907 Elmhurst Ave NW, $220,000.

Jackson Ricardo & Forsha-Jackson Rebecca from NVR Inc A Virginia Corporation DBA Ryan, 1404 Southbrook Cir NE, $507,405.

Kleins Exodus Real Estate LLC from CBCB Holdings LLC, 6664 Amsel Ave NE, $778,000.

Lucas Carter from Alabakovski Boris &Alabakovska Sloboda, 116 35th St NE, $240,000.

NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes from Mckinley Edgewood Development Company LLC, 6896 Harrington Court Ave NE, $77,500.

Schumacher Ted & Andrea from Vukovinsky Brian J Ttee of the Louis, 3812 Oakridge Dr NE, $234,900.

US Bank Trust National Association from Dunbar James D, 3011 Maxine Ave NE, $53,319.

Watson Robin from Feiock Gary L, 6105 Firestone Rd NE, $234,000.

Wilson Robert & Candice from Sekas Jenna M, 5815 Glyn Ave NW, $240,000.

Sandy Township

Baum Robert from Baum Robert & Chris, 6270 Waynesburg Dr SE, $30,131.

Brown William L Jr from Knowles Leslie L, 8777 Sequoia Ave SE, $1,000.

Saurer Kaylynn from Mckelley Jeannette, 531 Harrison St, $235,000.

Sugar Creek Township

Wiles George M from Taylor Kevin G & Philip P, 425 Wabash Ave S, $50,000.

Tuscarawas Township

Boughman Brenden R from Csonka Frank A & Cheryl I, 12227 Sarbaugh St SW, $150,000.

Washington Township

Hamilton Natasha R & Vaughn Kenneth from Dean Linda Ann, 16021 Severance St, $300,000.

Harbey Debra J Ttee from Wuthrick Daryl G & Donna J, 5026 Beechwood Ave, $242,000.

Harbey Debra J Ttee from Wuthrick Daryl G & Donna J, parcel 7505172 Beechwood Ave NE, $242,000.

Maraffa Emma & West Martin from Paula Ru LLC, 3140 Beechwood Ave, $220,000.

This article originally appeared on The Repository: Kleins Exodus Real Estate buys more Stark County properties