Skyline Builders Group Co-Founders Nick Coady and Greg Coady Discuss the Benefits of Technology for the Construction Industry

BROOKLYN, NY / ACCESSWIRE / November 16, 2018 / Technological innovation in construction has long been discussed as a necessity, but recent events tell us the sector is already well on its way to becoming digitally-driven. In April, NASA announced it will use more than 100 3D-printed parts to build its Orion spacecraft, which from next year will conduct a series of lunar missions, as well as exploration to other destinations including Mars. On Earth, the first 3D-printed building was completed in December by Copenhagen-based 3D Printhuset. "For years the global engineering and construction sector - valued at $10 trillion - help the dual distinctions of being one of the world's largest industries, yet one of its least efficient," said NickCoady, managing partner of leading NYC construction services company Skyline Builders Group. "The shift from physical technology to digital has proven to be completely revolutionary."

"The industry never really invested in tech or IT," said Skyline Builders Group co-founder Greg Coady. "Prior to the past decade, it was essentially operating the same way since the 1940s." To catch up technologically -- and realize $1.6 trillion in savings by bringing its productivity in line with other sectors -- the construction industry has begun to leverage artificial intelligence, cloud-based data analytics, and mobile computing to drive efficiency and boost margins. Since 2013, construction technology has received more than $18 billion in cumulative investment, most notably from Silicon Valley software giants.

One major shift has been the use of building information modeling, known as BIM, which broadly refers to the use of three-dimensional digital models rather than traditional 2D blueprints to represent buildings and structures. Before BIM, architectural drawings told builders what a structure should look like, but now how it should be built -- a disconnect that forced builders to devise unorthodox construction solutions on the job site. What's more is that BIM has enabled the collection and storage -- in a digital format -- of the massive troves of project data, allowing for technology companies to analyze that data for insights that are boosting the efficiency of both current and future projects by providing actionable, real-time information directly to builders' mobile devices.

Greg and Nick Coady are confident that the construction industry's ongoing digitization has the potential to reshape the business entirely, "In a lot of industries, tech companies are re-platforming existing technologies, said Nick Coady. "In construction, they're not just re-platforming legacy technologies, but the way the industry does business as a whole."

Founded by Nick Coady and Greg Coady in 2005, Skyline Builders Group is a construction services company, headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, with a reputation for undertaking large, complex projects, fostering innovation and embracing emerging technologies. The company holds an impressive portfolio of high profile clients and some of the most unique projects in the country.

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