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Sneaky Tricks That Make You Spend More Money

Maitland Greer



You are excited to go on a fantastic vacation and have everything booked within your budget. You head off to your trip and suddenly you realize there are additional costs every step of the way. Unfortunately, travel is not the only time that this happens. In fact, you’re faced with tricks all day long that make you spend more money. Knowing about these tricks is the best way to combat them to ensure you keep your purse strings tight.

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Grocery stores trick you into buying things you don’t need by laying out their stores almost scientifically to maximizing what you spend. Stores keep their essentials like milk and eggs in the back so you walk past everything else before you reach what you need. Also, stores usually stock the most expensive items right at eye level so you grab them first. Look out for samples that lure you into buying products you don’t actually need.

Save money by planning ahead and creating a list of groceries so you only purchase exactly what you need. Also, utilize cash-back incentives like TopCashBack.com that allows you to do grocery shopping through major online retailers to get money back.


Malls are also laid out to make you spend more money. Ever notice that large department stores are spread far apart? That is a trick to ensure that you cross the entire mall to get to one anchor to the other. Food courts and higher-end dining options bring you to the mall to eat, but once you are there your trip can quickly turn into a shopping expedition. Food options also allow you to stay in the mall longer and shop more.

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When you enter a store, keep an eye out for sales. They are often hidden in the back or in the opposite gender’s section where you normally would not go.

Outlet malls have their own sneaky shopping tricks as well. Getting to the outlet itself can be a waste of time and gas money since most outlet malls are far out of town. If you do go, know the product you are getting and don’t assume you are purchasing something that was in the regular retail store first. Many large outlet stores produce lower-cost and lower-quality items to stock their outlets specifically.

Don’t get duped by the price tag. A company can make up a manufacturer’s suggested retail price to exaggerate the savings you are getting with the “significantly” lower price you are paying.

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There are hidden travel fees can be found every step of your trip starting right off the bat with booking. Ticketing fees can be as much as $25 dollars to book your reservation via a live human. When you get to the airport, you are faced with luggage fees so you should try to pack in a carryon if possible. Remember to bring your own (non-stinky) food onto the flight since airlines now commonly charge for in-flight food.

The fees don’t stop there. If you need to change your reservation, you can expect large fees to change your flight. Also, many hotels, especially in large tourist destinations, have often hidden resort fees to utilize the resort’s facilities.  

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