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'The Star': A donkey breaks free in time to save Christmas in this exclusive clip

Gwynne Watkins
Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

Traditionally, the story of the first Christmas doesn’t include a jailbreak scene — but Sony Pictures Animation’s The Star is taking a different approach. In this exclusive clip from the inspirational adventure, Bo the donkey (Steven Yeun) is tied to a well and needs to break free. The other animals in the barn rally to help him out — Zach the goat (Anthony Anderson) with his teeth, Leah the horse (Kelly Clarkson) with a musical riff, and Edith the cow (Patricia Heaton) with some good old-fashioned common sense. Unfortunately, Bo isn’t quite hard-headed enough to execute a full escape. Watch the clip above.

The Star follows the character of Bo as he leaves the village mill in search of a greater purpose. Along with the way, he’s joined by some traveling companions: Ruth, a lost sheep (Aidy Bryant); Dave, an ambitious dove (Keegan-Michael Key); and a trio of wisecracking camels (Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, and Tracy Morgan). Together, the animals become the unlikely heroes of the story of Jesus’s birth.

The Star opens in theaters Nov. 17.

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