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Stay-Linked Terminal Emulation Now Available for New Intermec(R) CV41 and CV61 Fixed Vehicle Mount Computers

TUSTIN, CA--(Marketwire - Sep 25, 2012) - Stay-Linked Corporation today announced that it has certified Stay-Linked device client software for the new Intermec CV41 and CV61 Fixed Vehicle Mount Computers. Users of the new state-of-the-art Intermec mobile computers can now enjoy the many benefits of the unique thin-client Stay-Linked terminal emulation solution.

Intermec is the workflow performance company, providing the leading data capture and information management solutions at the interface between mobile workers, assets and customers. Through continuous innovation in hardware, software, services and integrated solutions, Intermec helps customers realize the full potential of their people, time, space and information.

"We have been working closely with Intermec to develop the Stay-Linked software specifically for the two new Intermec computers, and we are pleased that we are now able to certify Stay-Linked on those devices," says David Griffith, President and CEO of Stay-Linked Corporation. "Using Stay-Linked on these new devices will allow users to experience the infallible connectivity that Stay-Linked provides natively in wireless work environments, without the need for intermediary persistence servers or controllers."

"The availability of Stay-Linked terminal emulation for CV41 and CV61 expands the choice for reliable connectivity solutions on forklift and in-vehicle applications," says Hidde Hanenburg, Intermec Product Manager of Fixed Vehicle-Mount Computers. "Intermec's customers using Stay-Linked solutions now have a straightforward and cost-effective migration path to our next generation of Intermec mobile computing technology." 

Users of Stay-Linked can also take advantage of the unique capabilities of the Stay-Linked Administrator console, which provides centralized configuration and management of the emulation environment, including the ability to view, control, share, and transfer emulation sessions, even when the remote device is offline.

Additionally, the Stay-Linked solution includes host-based emulation screen recognition and reformatting features, allowing businesses to integrate Intermec hardware running Stay-Linked software into their existing enterprise application software, saving time and money.

The Stay-Linked Administrator console, and Stay-Linked screen recognition and reformatting, are included with the purchase of Stay-Linked terminal emulation licenses.

In addition to the CV41 and CV61, Stay-Linked software is available for Intermec's full line of handheld mobile computers.

Stay-Linked customers under maintenance can upgrade to new Intermec mobile computers without having to purchase new emulation licenses. With Stay-Linked's unique concurrent-user, server-based licensing, Stay-Linked can be used on the new devices. The savings can be significant.

Additional information regarding Stay-Linked can be found at www.stay-linked.com.

About Stay-Linked
Stay-Linked terminal emulation software, with its thin-client architecture, overcomes all of the typical challenges associated with deploying enterprise wireless terminals by providing reliable host-based preservation of wireless user application screens/sessions; centralized management of wireless emulation sessions (Telnet/SSH) and mobile devices; and secure, end-to-end data transmission between wireless users and host-resident applications. Stay-Linked supports all popular wireless mobile devices, and is also available for MS Windows-based PCs and laptops to allow office and remote workers to benefit from the same managed emulation environment as wireless and cellular devices.

About Intermec, Inc.
Intermec Inc. ( NYSE : IN ) is the workflow performance company. We design the leading data capture and information management solutions at the interface between mobile workers, assets, and customers. For more information about Intermec, visit www.intermec.com or call 800-347-2636

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