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Uber has a secret VIP program that anyone can unlock

Zach Epstein

Uber lovers, we have good news and bad news. The good news is that Uber has a secret “elite” Uber VIP program that gives members perks that regular Uber users don’t have access to. The bad news, unfortunately, is that the perks are uber-lame.

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To its fans, Uber is one of the greatest things to happen to transportation in the past half-century. Following a few taps on a smartphone screen, your own personal driver arrives at your location and waits to cart you off to whichever destination you choose.

Uber has completely changed the way people travel locally, and it turns out that the people who rely on Uber most and use the service most frequently can unlock a special VIP program, granting them access to features that no one else has.

Sadly, those features aren’t very special.

As Business Insider explains, all it takes to unlock the Uber VIP program is to take 100 Uber rides in a market where VIP is available. Once that happens, you’ll get an email notifying you that you’ve attained VIP status and you’ll notice a few changes in your Uber app.


A new VIP button beneath the map on the main screen in the Uber app will give you access to Uber VIP rides. What does that mean, exactly? When you select VIP, only drivers with 4.8-star ratings or better are made available, and they all drive “high-quality cars.” Rides cost the same amount as UberBlack rides.

That’s it.

Actually, that’s not it. Since VIP limits available drivers only to those with at least 4.8 stars, odds are good you’ll have to wait longer than normal for your driver to arrive. Very Important Person, indeed.

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