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1. Hilton Worldwide

1. Hilton Worldwide Overall Bliss Score: 4.360 Best-Rated Categories: The People You Work With (4.63); The Place You Work (4.52); The Way You Work (4.51) Matt Miller, chief technology officer and co-founder of CareerBliss, says of the international hotel chain that took the winning position for 2012: "Hilton is a customer-service-focused hotelier where employees feel their peers, company culture and overall work environment are key drivers in happiness. When employees feel that there is growth and expansion, the sentiment in the workplace is positive." Hilton’s chief human resources officer, Matt Schuyler, confirms this. “Every day, our more than 140,000 team members in 85 countries around the world work hard to fill the Earth with the light and warmth of hospitality. As an employer, we know that if we treat our team members well they will, in turn, treat our guests well. We are continuously focused on ensuring we are offering a great work environment, a great place to learn and the best career advancement opportunities.”

Companies With the Happiest Employees

by Colleen Kane