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HNW Millionaires in Brazil

10. Brazil
> Ultra-high net worth population: 4,015
> 1-yr. change: -13.5%
> 2012 GDP per capita: $11,875
> 2012 population: 201 million
> 2012 GDP: $2.4 trillion

Brazil has more than 4,000 ultra-high net worth individuals, the most of any country in Latin America. However this number is down 13.5% from the year before, when there were more than 4,600. Brazil was also home to the single largest loss of personal wealth in the past year: Eike Batista, owner of the fast-failing holding company EBX, lost more than $20 billion. The country has suffered from currency depreciation in recent months, which has made imports more expensive and heightened concerns about inflation. In the past year, the real has fallen by roughly 11% versus the dollar. In addition to a record trade deficit and low GDP growth, Brazil has also experienced a recent wave of anti-government protests.

Countries with most millionaires, 2013

Earlier this week, wealth research group Wealth-X and UBS released their World Ultra Wealth Report for 2013, a comprehensive analysis of the global ultra-high net worth population. Based on that report, 24/7 Wall St. identified the 10 nations with the most ultra-wealthy residents. These are the nations with the most multimillionaires.