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logoArgusJune 21, 2021

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Utilities, Basic Materials, Healthcare, Industrials

Many investors are beginning to focus their investment funds on companies that follow sustainable business practices and/or are addressing global impact issues. At Argus, we are a portfolio advisor to a Unit Investment Trust that is built around ESG criteria. We also have launched a separately managed account based on ESG and Impact investing principles. Two times a year, we screen our Universe of Coverage to highlight the stocks that score highest on ESG criteria. We note that Impact Investing addresses issues such as climate change, hunger, poverty, shelter, and clean water. Clean water is not only a personal issue; many industries, including oil, gas, semiconductors, chemicals, electric utilities, food products, beverages and metals and mining, are heavily reliant on clean water. According to the 2030 Water Resources Group, by 2030 "demand for water will be 40 percent higher than it is today, and more than 50 percent higher in the most rapidly developing countries. Historic rates of supply expansion and efficiency improvement will close only a fraction of this gap. Unless local, national and global communities come together and dramatically improve the way we envision and manage water, there will be many more hungry villages and degraded environments-and economic development itself will be put at risk in many countries." The companies in our list this week are working on systems and providing products to reduce global and domestic water risks.

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