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Most Active Penny Stocks

Most Active Penny Stocks

35.21k followers30 symbols Watchlist by Yahoo Finance

Follow this list to discover and track penny stocks with the highest daily volume.

Curated by Yahoo Finance

Follow this list to discover and track penny stocks with the highest daily volume.

The list includes stocks priced at $5 or less with a day change greater than 3%. This list is generated daily and sorted by market cap; the gains are based on the latest closing price and limited to the top 30 stocks that meet the criteria.


Yahoo Finance employs sophisticated algorithms to monitor and detect trends in the Global Financial Markets. We bring these insights to you in the form of watchlists.

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How are these weighted?

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WatchlistChange Today1 Month Return1 Year ReturnTotal Return
Most Active Penny Stocks+19.60%---

30 Symbols

SymbolCompany NameLast PriceChange% ChangeMarket TimeVolumeAvg Vol (3 month)Market Cap
MARKRemark Holdings, Inc.2.17+1.26+138.44%4:00 PM EDT198.49M4.16M216.82M
PROGProgenity, Inc.2.96+0.46+18.40%4:00 PM EDT188.36M48.87M179.00M
ICOAICOA, Inc.0.0192+0.00+10.34%3:59 PM EDT98.99M99.15M162.88M
PHILPHI Group, Inc.0.006+0.00+22.45%3:59 PM EDT224.73M248.47M148.94M
PBTSPowerbridge Technologies Co., Ltd.1.32+0.12+10.00%4:00 PM EDT135.46M11.72M60.52M
CRTDCreatd, Inc.4.13+1.21+41.44%4:00 PM EDT142.33M3.34M45.39M
VPERViper Networks, Inc.0.0062+0.00+3.33%3:59 PM EDT44.59M54.61M36.76M
HPNNHop-On Inc.0.0043+0.00+6.17%3:59 PM EDT86.34M40.11M32.03M, Inc.0.0027+0.00+12.50%3:59 PM EDT255.24M52.50M23.09M
LIGALIG Assets, Inc.0.0078+0.00+5.41%3:59 PM EDT72.90M18.05M17.65M
HQGEHQ Global Education Inc.0.002+0.00+11.11%3:58 PM EDT37.99M21.93M15.44M
EWLLeWellness Healthcare Corporation0.0007+0.00+16.67%3:59 PM EDT116.89M160.67M11.80M
RTONRight On Brands, Inc.0.0021+0.00+10.53%3:59 PM EDT88.67M38.76M11.68M
PPJEPPJ Healthcare Enterprises, Inc.0.0018+0.00+5.88%3:59 PM EDT54.58M55.94M8.71M
GRLFGreen Leaf Innovations, Inc.0.0016+0.00+6.67%3:58 PM EDT207.93M42.43M8.24M
MSPCMetrospaces, Inc.0.0009+0.00+12.50%3:58 PM EDT216.81M298.65M3.50M
TWOHTwo Hands Corporation0.0025+0.00+4.17%3:57 PM EDT120.50M177.66M3.11M
CBMJConservative Broadcast Media & Journalism Inc.0.0739+0.03+64.59%3:59 PM EDT38.51M872.93k2.82M
DRNGDrone Guarder, Inc.0.0071+0.00+42.00%3:59 PM EDT466.47M165.35M2.69M
GBHLGlobal Entertainment Holdings, Inc.0.0064+0.00+60.00%3:59 PM EDT2.10B49.10M2.31M
LGBSLegends Business Group, Inc.0.01167+0.00+6.09%3:59 PM EDT56.59M32.60M2.31M
TMGIThe Marquie Group, Inc.0.000565+0.00+5.61%3:57 PM EDT341.00M177.79M2.23M
HPILCybernetic Technologies Ltd.0.0034+0.00+6.25%3:59 PM EDT282.08M258.07M2.06M
SRMXSaddle Ranch Media, Inc.0.0015+0.00+3.45%3:53 PM EDT43.29M46.63M1.84M
PRDLProfitable Developments, Inc.0.0041+0.00+5.13%3:59 PM EDT78.29M55.97M465.20k
PLPLPlandaí Biotechnology, Inc.0.0013+0.00+4.00%3:56 PM EDT324.95M142.53M384.92k
UBQUUbiquitech Software Corp.0.0006+0.00+20.00%3:59 PM EDT172.07M210.15M264.23k
EXMTAnything Technologies Media, Inc.0.0043+0.00+22.86%3:55 PM EDT39.34M19.92M242.02k
VGIDV Group, Inc.0.00145+0.00+3.57%3:50 PM EDT39.41M42.53M192.43k
RDARRaadr, Inc.0.0013+0.00+8.33%3:59 PM EDT180.33M139.92M72.09k
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