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Sexless Marriage on the Rocks on 'Married at First Sight'

On Married at First Sight fingers were crossed in the hopes that after Cody and Danielle's romantic date out for sushi and drinks that they would finally do the deed and just hurry up and fall in love already. The two have been dealing with a sexless marriage for 21 days now even though they honeymooned together and live together.

Even with all that romance and flirting, Danielle and Cody did not consummate their marriage and instead that night they discovered that they have a ghost in their house because their TV was inexplicably on. So, instead of making boom in the night, all they found were things that go boo in the night. Despite the discovery of this third ghostly roommate, Cody was hopeful saying, "Even though we haven't had sex yet, we're definitely growing together. And I think we're just taking small steps each day, and I'm happy that we're moving forward. And I feel even more hopeful."

So, in order to get the romance going, they decided to work on scheduling some chores which involved planning their cooking week and washing the dogs. But in the end, despite all the efforts to connect, Danielle was not feeling it and Cody was taking the hint.