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Trevor Noah on Donald Trump pardoning his 'racist friend' Sheriff Joe Arpaio

On The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, Trevor Noah took a few swings at Donald Trump for issuing a pardon to Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona, an intense opponent of illegal immigration.

“You know for a guy who's ‘not racist,’ Donald Trump sure has a lot of racist friends. He's like the straight guy at the gym that all the gay guys hit on. Maybe they know something you don't.”

Arpaio has a laundry list of inhumane practices. It has been reported that he forced prisoners to live in canvas tents in triple digit temperatures and was quoted as saying, “I already have a concentration camp. It’s called Tent City.” He has reportedly had women in labor shackled to their bed, has allowed the aggressive use of stun guns and the overcrowding of his prisons where prisoners have died at an alarming rate without any explanation. One of his jailers nearly broke the neck of one of the inmates there, a paraplegic man who asked for a catheter. He also reportedly marched Latino prisoners into a segregated area with electric fencing.

Because of some of these practices, Arpaio's tenure has cost his office $142 million dollars in legal fees, which includes two wrongful death lawsuits.

Noah said, “Think about all the other things that that money could have bought. Schools, or roads, or they could have just paid Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather to punch Arpaio in the face.”

But that’s not why Arpaio needed a pardon. Arpaio was found guilty of defying a 2011 court order which barred his officers from stopping and detaining Latino motorists in order to check their immigration status, not because of traffic violations.

With Arpaio only facing at most 6 months in jail for his crimes, Noah felt like Trump’s pardon was a waste.

“Hell, even if my mom asked me to pardon her for six months, I would be like ‘Yo, mom, you know I love you, but it’s six months. Here’s a carton of Camels and a burner phone, I'll see you in the spring.’”