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These are the U.S. companies with the happiest employees

Job site Indeed's worker well-being survey ranked the American companies with the happiest employees, asking participants to measure their satisfaction, stress, and purpose from their jobs. Yahoo Finance Live breaks down the top five companies, including tax assistance agency H&R Block (HRB), Delta Air Lines (DAL), and information technology company Accenture (ACN). And the number one spot may just surprise you.

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Video Transcript

BRAD SMITH: Well, an unlikely winner of a worker well-being survey out this morning. Love's Travel Stops country stores scored 83 out of 100 in the first ever survey from the job site Indeed. Millions of anonymous employees were reviewed to rate US companies based on happiness, stress, and satisfaction. Some other companies that ranked-- H&R Block at number two, Delta Airlines, that came in at number three, and a host of other companies that our viewers recognize-- TCS, Accenture. Even if you go into like the six through 10, IBM, Nike also rounding out the top 10 there.

And when you think about what really would go into a survey like this as well as-- I mean, the scoring system is a little bit off here, I guess, because some of these should be tied for fourth, but I'll kind of leave my golfer scoring system aside here and just focus in on what is perhaps making employees happy right now. And there are a few things. It's probably more flexibility, especially in this day and age on what can give you more balance. Is there more of a virtual employee? Is there more of a hybrid workplace that you can find yourself in?

I don't know if that's necessarily the case at Love's Travel Stops and country stores. But for whatever they're doing, they're doing it right. H&R Block, about the same case there. And for two companies that I interface with a lot-- Delta and Nike-- you hear that through some of the employees how they feel represented, how they hear heard-- feel heard by the executives at the company too, and how that advances the mission more broadly.

SEANA SMITH: And to that point, when you take a look at Delta there, 86% approve of their CEO Ed Bastian's performance. And when we talk about leadership, the importance of potentially having some sort of mentor at your position, whether that's a CEO, whether that's your direct manager, obviously that's so critical just in terms of the day to day satisfaction. But you also want to know that there's a growth opportunity at that company.

Speaking of Delta, I was a little bit surprised given the fact that the airlines are having such a tough time getting the workers that they need. We talk time and time again how some of the morale at these airlines are low. Delta was the only one here within the top 20 of this survey and coming in at number three. Another thing that stuck out to me-- some of these tech giants which have historically been known as or thought of as the best places to work--


SEANA SMITH: --not many of them were in the top 20. You mentioned IBM there at number six. Microsoft was the next big tech company at number 15. Apple was at 20.

BRAD SMITH: Interesting.

SEANA SMITH: So some slipping there a little bit when we talk about maybe the perks and everything that are offered. I don't know, we've got to figure out what's going on there.

BRAD SMITH: Bring back the free lunches.

SEANA SMITH: Bringing back the free lunches. I agree with you. And flexibility is so important when you talk about employee satisfaction.