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'This Is Us' season finale leaves fans with very important questions

The This Is Us season finale was everything we dreamed of. Unfortunately, it was all a dream. In reality, season two ended with some shocking, and scary, plot twists.

Last week's episode teased an aged Jack Pearson and, just as most of us predicted, he wasn't real. Turns out, Kate was having the same dream every single night, for two weeks, leading up to her big wedding day. In the dream, everyone was actually at the Pearson family cabin in the woods as Jack and Rebecca renewed their vows to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. And, while our hearts were crushed, per usual, it was actually the final two minutes of the episode that really had us all freaking out.

During Randall's toast at Kate and Toby's wedding reception, we saw Deja taking a bat to Randall's very expensive Mercedes-Benz and a flash forward, one year later, to Kevin flying to Vietnam, with Jack's army picture in his hand and with his new girlfriend, Zoe, a.k.a. Beth's cousin, by his side. We also catch up with Kate one year later, checking in on Toby, who is sick in bed with something more serious than a cold, as Kate calmly tells him, "Hey, babe. I just spoke to the doctor. He wants you to come in tomorrow, talk about adjusting your meds." However, the real shocker was the super flash forward to, possibly ten years later, as an older Randall sits across a grown-up Tess telling her, " It's time to go see her, Tess." Tess tells her father that she's "not ready," and he replies, "Me neither." The latter was a cliffhanger that no one was, or is, ready for, and fans didn't know how to process all of this new information. One person tweeted:

"Why is toby depressed??? Who does tess need to see?? Why is Kevin going to Vietnam, with who??? Why did deja break the window???"

While others wrote:

"if Beth dies I will burn this place TO THE GROUND"

"Ugh it’s Beth isn’t it... ISN'T IT?"

Honestly, we should have known something was up when they made that episode all about Beth and made us all fall in love with her. Only time will tell. Six months time, to be exact.