1. Insider Transaction: $ASTI Purchase at $1 - $1 per share of 1000000 shares by Beneficial Owner (10% or more) Tfg Radiant Investment Group Ltd on 2015-06-10.

  2. $ASTI board orders is pretty bullish guys....

  3. $ASTI 0.06

  4. $ASTI its okay bro. you got the sadness mate


  6. $ASTI Auto-generated article, but I like the SP target. :-) http://www.istreetwire.com/what-wall-street-is-saying-about-ascent-solar-technologies-inc-asti/

  7. $ASTI

  8. $ASTI Kee

  9. $ASTI i am watching the price at yahoo finance. i am holding until at least $2.00

  10. $ASTI...bunch a dopes sittin and watchin a srceen and havin their fingers on the left mouse button...LMFAO.

  11. $ASTI this one screwed me over

  12. $ASTI why playing elsewhere doesn t wanna make money? :) 2 month just for 500% return really posible

  13. $ASTI why on OTC s website does this have a price of $0?

  14. $ASTI @StockTwits this stick is now otc. Should be off stock twits

  15. $ASTI for those who can t see: As of this post, 4.32 million shares traded; down 0.005 @ 0.055 (etrade #s)

  16. $ASTI OTC holding a starting intro price nothing crazy.. That s good ya know

  17. $ASTI c mon, keep going! I need out so I can play elsewhere!

  18. $ASTI volume not nearly as bad as I expected. Almost 4.5 MM

  19. $ASTI the stock app on Iphone has the latest quote... not very detailed charts but at least you can see the price pretty easily

  20. $ASTI up we go with more peeps being able to trade it. My other penny cdii has good news out, could go for a run soon. $CHS rocking.

  21. $ASTI same seeing 0.00 on ASTI

  22. $ASTI Where are you Bulls finding this information? I don t see anything on OTC Markets - it s $0.00 per share. #PLEASEHELPANOOB

  23. $ASTI seems more and more trading platforms coming online with ASTI back in and

  24. $ASTI volume picking up

  25. Do my eyes deceive me or is $ASTI in the green, some one call me a medic