1. @Dpgg2013 if $MSFT bought Osterhout s 81 patents for $150M Himx s IP is worth $B s.

  2. @PumptyDumpty @drn Google has had a working relationship w Himax since 2009 not going anywhere, look @ Himax IP war chest is huge worth $B s

  3. @shawster @KSTrader Lol debt is adjusted for in the valuation.... Their liabilities are ~$3B they are net +current assets for several $B

  4. @VIPS1000 @Thorgood Or pre lockup being ovr acquire them w/their own (YHOO blnce sht assts) thru a stock acquis usin BABA stk 2mak svrl $B

  5. @Babitrading7 Now looking at the daily, I think this come back is healthy. If it holds, then the rally s there. But what better news that $B

  6. $B 3350.stop.bottomed-out + 3460.target

  7. $B: Barnes Group Inc files Form 8-K (Events or Changes Between Quarterly Reports) SEC Filing.. http://y.ahoo.it/ocS805TP

  8. $AMRN FDA wants a better sponsor to okay on the RIT. JT and crew r FU s in FDA est. Perhaps there is an AGENDA; BP wins by $B w/ AMRN buy

  9. @ThunderRoad Take er easy. I said 1-2 yr time horizon. Total market potential sure. But tell me how many $B in sales in 1-2 yrs, prudently.

  10. @ThunderRoad Current P/E is 26x 100M. $B sales is doable but not overnight. 1-2 year time horizon is baked in. Bulls are too hasty. Risk on

  11. @JaredTyndall @Max132se True, even though they have spent few $B on acquisitions lately...

  12. @joekidd I totally agree, there are many that are drinking the GM Kool-Aid, supported by media hype & $B s of taxpayer/defaulted b/holders $

  13. $AMRN New larger pharma who buys R-IT (aka Co) will know how to navigate FDA and get it done. New owner reaps $B s. JT wins w/ new CO shrs.

  14. Barnes Group director just picked up 40 shares http://y.ahoo.it/WZ91L9Fv $B

  15. Barnes Group director just picked up 41 shares http://y.ahoo.it/oXeEnDsF $B

  16. @MillieX @Warrenetta_Buffett Lol! It s not crap. They make a quick couple $B for a quick stop at the very least. Thr is a market equilibrium

  17. @GoldDigging Bloomberg show hosts dismiss $YHOO as a take over target for $BABA but hey funding w/ acquire assets 2 profit $B s no sense lol

  18. @patrick_walther @sriramsram1 @appcapital $YHOO sitting on $46B value to $BABA. Jack Ma will buy break apart make several $B and free core.

  19. @patrick_walther @sriramsram1 @appcapital on a pure financing play, Ma would profit several $B on acquiring on this divergence.

  20. @VIPS1000 Cheaper than in mkt. or they can use own shares held by $YHOO for acquisition and cash and still net several $B thru asset sale.

  21. @VIPS1000 $BABA still net couple $B and core. Spin Japan subsid. For Japan stake can net $1.6B to deal also bc of Differences in taxation.

  22. Bitcoin Wipes Out Gains, VC Investments Continue - http://y.ahoo.it/Vr8qC3YC $B

  23. @patrick_walther Maybe. several $B on the table for them to get creative with IBs for it. Work w/ partner or spinoff. JV no issue maybe.

  24. $SC $B Brent surges as tensions in Ukraine soften http://y.ahoo.it/jPtubGy3 #esignalblog

  25. @calc Nah! Not the same Morgan Stanley that received $107B bailout from the Feds and then awarded $B s in bonuses to executives. GM brethern