1. $IBM what s the right way to look at it? value stock or sinking ship? #IBM http://amigobulls.com/articles/ibm-a-value-stock-or-a-sinking-ship

  2. Welcome to the holidays! Light volume = bored traders spread rumors. Today s? Icahn stake in $IBM. Like $IBM needs to buy back more stock.

  3. @Crackerjax >$168 but $USDX is key for repatriation of profits. Bounce only $IBM http://stocktwits.com/message/29587435

  4. $IBM http://marketchess.com/2014/11/24/big-blue-still-stuck-blue-grotto/

  5. Long $IBM short $AAPL chart-Daily is at S1 http://stocktwits.com/message/29586669

  6. NEW POST: Big Blue Still Stuck in the Blue Grotto http://marketchess.com/2014/11/24/big-blue-still-stuck-blue-grotto/ $DIA $IBM $QQQ $SPY $STUDY

  7. Remember when people were talking about awful week for Buffett when $IBM & $KO fell? $BRK.B at all-time high. So is top $BRK.B holding $WFC.

  8. $IBM Dan Loeb might be interested as well.....sources closer to the matter but prefer not to be mentioned this is a circus.

  9. $IBM still damaged goods. Under $160 likely gets the next leg down going.

  10. $IBM Picked up Nov4 162.5 puts right after it dropped in anticipation of further sell off. Probably will settle back into 161-162 IMO.

  11. $IBM Meanwhile all of Icahn s buddies are making money on the up, then the down, and then the potential up again. All BS.

  12. $IBM This is how bad the situation is ! IBM needs outside catalysts to move up. What about growth ? Try that ! target 135

  13. $IBM well, if he is is buying, he just got his oppurtunity to snatch up millions of shares as everyone is dumping..the anals of power.

  14. $IBM sources closes to the matter say he is interested but those sources prefer not to be mentioned.

  15. $IBM - backtested a lot of moving average lines on 4hr chart. and smaller with that news . Curious to see how this one closes.

  16. $IBM Hearing Unconfirmed Market Chatter Ichan has No IBM Involvement

  17. $IBM Icahn has no involvement in IBM.

  18. $IBM The power of one man. Im in awe of what a rumor/anti rumor has from one man..Icahn

  19. $IBM would be interesting to see if the story reverses today

  20. $IBM Ichan is now interested in Ichan Bloomberg terminal interest

  21. $IBM Prople no one cares about Ichan. Share was oversold, going up in the next month withnor without him

  22. $IBM IBM - Scott Wapner tweets Sources tell me @Carl_C_Icahn has absolutely no involvement in $IBM.

  23. $IBM wow..amazing move on negative icahn report. And if its not true?? Who is Wapner..CNBC shill

  24. $IBM prefer warren buffet or icahn-- think id choose buffet lol

  25. $IBM In the shocker of the year Icahn not in $IBM. Wow who could ve seen that coming? Lol