1. $KING i plan on buying king tomorrow

  2. @ProTrader70 @PaulRadke I agree on a game plan. $KING. I have never bought an ipo. wonder if it will dip after premarket? any thoughts?

  3. King s coronation: Candy Crush maker $KING prices its $IPO tonight. Investors are wary of another $ZNGA, but the... http://y.ahoo.it/fTncVEKW

  4. @Icarus bets are that $KING will close lower than its IPO price and should benefit $GLUU the most ref/ 1. acquisition 2.valuation

  5. $KING doesn t it have another game right behind Crush on top grossing at #5? Just asking this #notmything

  6. I m wondering if $KING ipo will give $ZNGA & $GLUU a pop or if $ will flow out of them & into $KING

  7. $ZNGA $KING king will go up when released then they will need to create more or stay as a one hit wonder.

  8. @Mtb4misoul If $KING IPO is priced to high, it should bomb, and $ZNGA will follow. IMO

  9. $FNMA Candy Crush goes public tomorrow $KING - will be priced above $20 and yet FnF are below $4. Does that make sense to anyone?

  10. @PaulRadke If we are going to get in on this $KING IPO tomorrow, I think we should work as a team. Need a game plan. Buy the first dip ?

  11. 4 stocks to watch before the King Digital IPO $EA $NTDOY $ATVI $GLUU $ZNGA $KING ---| http://y.ahoo.it/WKQXxasL

  12. @ProTrader70 I m staying away from $KING. Buying $ZNGA $GLUU On the dips.

  13. Anyone knows what $king ipo will start at?

  14. $KING patiently waiting to get in on some of these shares when they start floating around. should be a good few days

  15. $KING Candy Crush comes to Wall Street, should investors get in the game? http://y.ahoo.it/RUZcmOsV #Mobile $$

  16. ...To be successful in investing in mobile game companies like $KING, $ZNGA, and $GLUU... http://y.ahoo.it/S61WgmRU #Mobile $$

  17. I don t see $KING surviving long without major acquisitions to sustain profitability. The IPO will set off a string of acquisitions $GLUU

  18. $KING $ZNGA $GLUU Flappy Bird Investing Requires Daily App Store Data http://y.ahoo.it/GgecCU7j

  19. Can t wait to watch the implosion of $KING after it IPOs tomorrow

  20. $KING $GLUU $ZNGA Why Zynga Will Crush Candy Crush Saga s King Digital http://y.ahoo.it/UE43QLXC #Mobile $$

  21. $KING vs $ZNGA at IPO Comp ~ Rev $1.88B v $873M ~ P(L) $568M v ($37M) ~ Daily Users 124M v 27M ~ Mthly Payers 12.16M v 1.3M @danprimack #IP

  22. $ZNGA is up 6.4 pct already. This despite people claiming $KING on eve of IPO. Game apps raise all boats?

  23. $ZNGA up 6%. Recovers losses from yesterday. But why? Because company not named Zynga set to go public? Does $ZNGA make Candy Crush? $KING

  24. $KING What day and time is the IPO?

  25. $GLUU run-up ahead of $KING ipo tomorrow