1. $NBG http://y.ahoo.it/bpbJQjW2

  2. $NBG feel like a good day tomorrow

  3. $NBG M. Sallas (Piraeus): The Greek banks would not require new funds - Heralded tools to manage NPLs

  4. $NBG http://y.ahoo.it/kwWkcICn any idea what this Journalist trying to say? Greek banks together will need 5.8 Billion funds?

  5. $NBG suddenly the bulls have turned into bears.. LoL.. NBG is too much frustration for all longs..

  6. $NBG ....if you are long....you can write calls to reduce your cost. What I plan on doing given the high risk stock and overvalued market

  7. $NBG okay sure...just validate the reason Greece, UK, France, etc want out of EU http://y.ahoo.it/1oW9zjxt

  8. $NBG Dear Mr. Draghi...fix the PIIGS and you fix the economy and the EU as a whole. Effect of consumer conf. can not be overstated.

  9. $NBG wot comes 1st the chicken or the egg? Banks sound balance sheet or pumping economy? cant have both sorry ECB...pick one!

  10. $NBG Draghi wants EU members states to fall in line with policy, well sorry but the populous begs to differ. they want to run away from EU

  11. $NBG This stock never fails...It somehow likes the ground and want to lie down.

  12. $NBG Why so negative? The bourse cant lead this higher it needs to be the ADR. It it is summer in Eur. They don t even pay taxes in summer

  13. $NBG Someone said they were sick of lines on a chart but if you pay attention to them you can limit your risk and maximize reward.

  14. $NBG If we reach $3.38 on the B-C leg at the .618 fib line we could bounce into a Gartley Pattern. http://y.ahoo.it/itrOkeCf

  15. $NBG ok at 7 pm athens clock there is a meeting between gov and all the banks to prevent damage on stress test. Maybe we get good news

  16. $NBG in for a trade....tight stop .48...res @ .60 breaks thru cud see .70-.75

  17. $NBG Tempted to re-enter here.

  18. $NBG Problem is profit.. Trading no where near book value of 1.75

  19. $NBG Rest of the world says 3.40 maniped here to 3.54 following the market... See the BS !

  20. $NBG THey are never honest.... NEVER and manip. all they can... Think they dumped or sold at 4.25, covering soon. No squeeze on 3B shares

  21. $NBG squeezzeeee

  22. $NBG reversalllll boom! you will see

  23. @clearTREND $NBG Great, time to buy then :-)

  24. Appears one of two things are happening: Analysts are not being honest about their bullish stance or they merely want more shares $NBG

  25. $NBG clearTREND Research DOWNGRADES National Bank Greece SA on emerging downward primary trend, confidence rating of 70%