1. $WSM Closed my call options for now will buy back lower

  2. $WSM touche 50day ma... Not getting greedy, closed bull put spread for $1.30 debit, was setup for $4.53 credit. Good luck all

  3. $WSM Good place to lock in (some) profit at $69.40 Up 6.2% since alert at $65.35 from Sept. 10th http://y.ahoo.it/cN0PxeCE

  4. $WSM selling the oct 70 calls for $1 as it moves into 50 dma on 8th day up in a row. #takeprofits #whatgoesup

  5. $WSM nice

  6. $WSM interested to see how this reacts to hitting the 50ma @ about 69.15, a push thru would be very

  7. $WSM going, looking for 70s soon

  8. $STUDY Just updated: Buy and sell points. (opened/closed positions) on stocks like $WSM $FB $AAPL and much more. http://y.ahoo.it/FJSkJsil

  9. $WSM new HOD 68.20

  10. $WSM next 68.00 break--it holds--70.00 short term-jmho

  11. $WSM WEST ELM TO OPEN FIRST STORE IN MICHIGAN http://y.ahoo.it/3r8Rj26X

  12. $WSM Entering 7-8 point upside gap

  13. Bullish MACD Crossovers $STRI $SVM $TAP $TEVA $TOT $V $VIAB $WEN $WSM http://y.ahoo.it/Mq4bSnbx

  14. $WSM building new 68.00 base for next leg up-back to 70.00 short term-was 75.00 2 weeks ago-jmho

  15. $WSM hitting---g/l

  16. $WSM broke 68.00!

  17. $WSM Next Pivot Point s directly ahead @ 69.02..

  18. $WSM Out at 67.99, In since 65.03. Good luck to all! I think this will continue to 69. Needed some $BABA cash though

  19. $WSM there it goes! hope u loaded

  20. $WSM is doing better than $CONN with similar setup lol

  21. $WSM about to breakout imho--radar for 67.95 break

  22. $WSM if short in this bull market-better cover--jmho

  23. $WSM MacD Crossover today, OBV elevated and holding. Coiling..

  24. $WSM today this shows on MACD screen of those armed with volume. Tommorow we gap. 1 more day

  25. $WSM it wants the gap. Who would sell here? Those burnt post earnings? Just wait 2 more days...