1. Podcast: Will Abercrombie and Fitch still be around in 10 years? $ANF $WSM $ITMN $SPLK $OTVI $GES $WDAY http://y.ahoo.it/rCQlvh4n

  2. $WSM turns around on the daily

  3. $WSM waiting for low 60 s

  4. $WSM is a great short, too!

  5. $WSM closed out bear put spreads... no go.

  6. $WSM will be back at 66.21 before EOD

  7. $WSM - why is this stock tanking?

  8. dumped $WSM down a buck and a few

  9. $WSM Load the boat. LOL

  10. $WSM Load the boar point. Jmho. G/L

  11. $WSM busted for now.. dip buyers and covers likely to come in below 64

  12. Is $WSM a BUY? Piper Jaffray thinks so:http://y.ahoo.it/PiN4opif

  13. @innov8v $WSM Recovers quickly IMO. Unfair beat down after a good quarter. International stores open soon

  14. august was nice month...up 4.2% even w/getting spanked on $WSM (-11%) also my shortest held pos of the year ar 4 days...

  15. $WSM Long the January 67.50 calls from yesterday.

  16. Taking a look at $WSM. Stock got hit on earnings this week. Forecasting FY EPS $3.07-$3.17. Still expensive at 21x ($65/$3.12 = 21) IMO.

  17. Most analyst rated stocks in the last 72 hrs: $AVGO $SPLK $TIF $WSM $THI $ADI $NTIOF $WDAY $SWHC View here: http://y.ahoo.it/G5dcq2UX

  18. $WSM Bullish close

  19. $WSM green from here next week--bottom imho

  20. $WSM Bought more today probably goes higher most likely this is the bottom.

  21. $WSM load OCT calls--jmho

  22. $WSM flying back to green

  23. $WSM Williams-Sonoma: William Blair Analyst Recommends Investors To Establish Or Add To Positions On This Pullback http://y.ahoo.it/Fvd5UeJa

  24. $WSM Call to put ratio starting to increase. Is the bottom in?

  25. $WSM Buying more here, waiting for slightly lower to add the last few hundred shares. Should be a big TA bounce coming days.