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Schlumberger Limited (SLB)

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  • Paul and Ronny, SLB is leading oilfield service company in the world. The recent reorg rolled out last week will keep SLB ahead of its competition for years. This is a buying opportunity.
  • SLB = FAIL
  • Slb management now sucks
  • Will be in the 60's soon.
  • This company is run by a bunch of IDIOTS ! CEO is a POS !
  • Burn SLB Burn!! I hope you go bankrupt!!M
  • SLB = FAIL....New symbol for the company!
  • name change
    in stead of Schlumberger Limited this POS should be renames as sc mberger
  • Name change
    in stead of Schlumberger Limited this POS should be renamed as SCUMberger
  • No Social Responsibility!!!
  • Such an evil company!!!
  • Dear Schlumberger, the World’s Largest Oilfield Services Company,

    Before you, Cameron (now a Schlumberger Company) was a good company. It was a decent place with a small business feel. However, no one could deny the tangible changes that occurred when Schlumberger and Cameron merged in April 2016.
    Now, before I go on, let me show you what individual lives lie beneath the surface of your vast empire. Your vast empire exists ONLY because of the sacrifices of your 100,000 employees and their families. I know I am not alone when I speak; I speak for all the moms, wives, girlfriends, families, and children who have made sacrifices for you.
    I worked my rear off to finish an undergraduate degree and shortly after, a Master’s Degree; my options were unlimited. But instead, my husband began to work for Cameron. I surrendered my career opportunities so I could stay home to take care of our children while he went off and worked to make Cameron a better name; drumming up business for you and racking in millions in contracts. I settled into a routine of staying home with two small children (and later a third), raising them as a single mom while my husband was gone, sometimes months at a time, to make your company better. I played mom and dad, Easter Bunny, Santa Clause.
    While it was hard on us, I knew one day it would pay off. And it did…at first. He moved up, taking a management position in another state. Cameron moved us 700 miles away from our home, and while I knew it would be hard, at least I would have my husband; or so I thought. I left my friends, my life, my church; my sense of who I was. I was stuck in a state where I knew no one, had no family, no support and now three children under the age of four. And, once again, my husband worked to make Cameron better.
    Before our move, he traveled constantly. He missed Christmas, Thanksgivings, first steps, first words. We thought by him taking a management position, he would be home more, that we would see him more. However, after we moved across the country, he left in the morning before the sun came up and didn’t come home until the kids were in bed. Nights and weekends, he was a slave to his phone; answering calls and emails until late into the night. Even though we did see him more than before, it wasn’t really him. It was just a warm body in my house. A vacant stare as he answered texts, emails, and phone calls.
    Cameron compensated well for the sacrifices we made and senior management seemed to care. So none of this bothered us until you, Schlumberger, changed everything. Our sacrifices now seem meaningless. You came in and bought out everything we had worked for as a family, moved us across the country and then dropped us like one of your trucks with too many miles.
    The last several months were the hardest. He had a new boss who knew nothing of the local operations. He sat in his ivory tower thousands of miles away, barking orders that didn’t even make sense, waiting for my husband, with more than 10 years of experience, to say ‘Yes’ to each and every silly request. He changed my husband’s numbers to make yours look better, at the expense of his job. You told him you no longer had a place for him, then required him to train the man who would take his place.
    The passion for the industry that used to light a fire under him, now barely burns. He’s lost all interest in you, your company, your work. He would never tell you any of this, but let me tell you: when you employed him, you employed his family. My kids and I have had to deal with the repercussions of your poor practices, not just him.
    Our entire lives revolved around you. When we could spend time together, when we could eat, when we could go on vacation. Cameron made it worth it, but you, Schlumberger, have made our lives miserable.
    I know you won’t do anything about this and I’m not asking you to. I just wanted you to have a firsthand account of the lives you have affected and then tossed aside like a rusty valve.

    Thank you for your time.
  • "Saudi Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih said on Monday that oil producers would "do whatever it takes" to rebalance the market and that he expected a global deal on cutting crude output to be extended through all of 2017."

    Yes Saudi Bandits.........I guess we can trust you to bring the price of oil back to $100.00 before you float your Aramco IPO next year.......You would not want your oil reserves to be valued at $45.00 p/b would you ?
  • SLB trading at same level when DOW was 10,000. Dow now at 20,000+
    Well at least I get dividends.
  • If SLB doesn't hold at 72 it may be time to bail.
  • Total joke! This company is run by a bunch of chimps!
  • Anybody for a cup of SLB?
  • If earning are poor in a few days and it tanks I shall start a position. SLB is a sure thing if you hold it until the tide changes. But if playing on Margin or with your lunch money timing is needed.
  • SLB starting to look good . Very honest on the challenges
  • I've had a nice day so far jumping in and out. Nice action.