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  • Rochester00126, the real one, do me a favor. Over on Investor Village Undervalued has posted the following:
    "The atml sale was prompted by atml's new CEO who was brought in to groom atml for sale, so he jettisoned all non-profitable divisions, regardless of their potential."
    This of course is complete BS by the known shameless shill AKA Hoton. The CEO who sold XSense was Steve Laub who joined Atmel in mid 2006, hardly a new CEO. The business was hemorrhaging money and the only bidder to come along desperate enough to make an offer was Unipixel. As many have said the Atmel management team was laughing then and probably still is today.
  • Has anybody red the news that everyone from management has bought shares in the open market?
    Can't find the info about the quantity, but obviously it's good news.

    The saying is that management sell shares for many different reasons, but buy only for good reasons.
  • Here what I have found inside bought shares last couple days:
    CEO bought 32164 shares
    CFO. 32762
    And 4 directors each bought
    1) 66666 2) 99477 3) 25634 4) 27207
  • Folks remember the post below with the name PokerNStocks.
    He thinks ADDING another 50,000,000 shares doesn't dilute and harm the common shareholders.
    PokerNStocks15 minutes ago
    stupid post. the shares are being sold. huge amount of cash going into the bank with zero debt. the book value of your shares just went up.
  • The 8K is released and shows the 150M shares are approved and authorized. This was not easy to find. Shows up on Seeking Alpha news....
  • Shareholder meeting tomorrow, let see what Unipixel explains why warrant offer from $1.5/s back in 2015, changed values to $.42cent/s. Let send your votes in and raise your concerns, and demands your rights.
  • so what the hell happened at the mtg yesterday? nothing from the #$%$?
  • UniPink prints shares the way the govt prints money - all to the detriment of the loser longs!!!!!
  • Dear Mohammed, I believe you meant to type the cents symbol ȼ when you said the PPS will be 10 in seven months? If you really believe 10 bucks please explain how. I assume you are just hoping. Heck, I sunk 43K into this garbage, and I 'hope' the PPS will rebound to beyond $20. Will it happen, of course not at least in our lifetime.
  • I can see why everyone hates me, just remember IGGY all my rochester00126 ID's and then I will go away. POOF GONE!
  • WARNING!!! Has the idiot imitator of mine posted yet - HAHAHA!
  • Still waiting for the management team to get the party started... These one penny ups and downs are dumb for a company that has finally entered production & shipping mode.
  • Will Unipixel release news sometime in June about the electronic show in Taiwan end of this month as well about partnership with other company Unipixel in talk bout couple moth ago?
  • Look at me guys I m back and want to talk to yous guys.
  • 5 insiders bought stock in the open market yesterday !

    a modestly good sign. Not huge amounts but solid buys.
  • Who says UNXL isn't poised for potentially massive upward movement? google aw-esomeSTOCKS - they offer pretty good trade alerrts. you dont have to trade their tickers but it definetly helps you recognize possible patterns for stocks you're trading.
  • weeee Looks look I am back again and just as stupids as yesterday. hehehe I have beens bashing this stock for years. ever since I lost huge I gots mad. I bought high sold low, nots goods.
  • Why the convert prize for the warranty set so low? Trading volume is so low. Someone is drag down the share prize and convert their warrants! Investigation needed to see who hold the warrants! Why not set the convert prize at ~$0.7 or higher when the conversion first announced recently?
  • we will hit $10+ before year end .... mark this post
  • Who buys who selling at this price? Are short sellers trading against institutions ? Trade volume over 2mil shares yesterday but no price movement what's jokes.