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Crypto investor: How hackers used my phone number to steal $23.8 million

Rob Pegoraro
Contributing Editor
  • J
    The story sound fishy. Why didn't he close the phone account and open a new new, if so much money was at stake?
  • A
    Army Of One
    On the bright side all he really lost was his phone, no real money on top of that.
  • M
    Mars: God of War
    867-5309 is not a secured phone #.
  • R
    This is proof that people who make a lot of money aren't necessarily very smart.
  • C
    buy gold
  • M
    Mars: God of War
    I doubt he actually lost his phone.
  • P
    That's why I am still using hardware token to generate new code each time for login. No token, no way...
  • M
    never use the phone for bank transactions, the information it contains is sensitive
  • A
    Here's what he had in his crypto wallet.
  • Y
    Yahoo User
    It would be a lot funnier if he was using Boost Mobile.