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    A $700 Million CMBS Portfolio Is On the Brink as Malls Collapse
    Interesting article on Yahoo. OZK may be slightly higher on the food chain but the pain is coming.
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    Two two worst performing sectors over the last 1 year (perhaps even longer) have been energy and financials.

    What were the two (2) most recent purchases by Mr. Warren Buffet?
    Bank of America (BAC) and he bought Dominion Natural Gas operations from Dominion.

    What two (2) sectors will at least recover and negate their under performance?
    Hint, hint, hint: Watch Buffet.

    Moreover, I check Value Line and Morningstar and then bounce what gets flagged against GuruFocus, MarketGrader (available through Vanguard), Financial Visualization (FinViz) and others.
    Definitely the financials are undervalued and so is energy.

    The financials might recover because the homebuilders index is reaching new highs as mortgage interest rates are hitting new lows. Also, what would help would be federal interest rate hikes (although when is that ever going to happen in our lifetimes) that would expand the interest rate spread that constitute the profit margin at many financial institutions. In the absence of a Fed rate hike, the financials will have to look elsewhere to make money.

    Everything I see places a $30 stock price on OZK---actually closer to $45 to $65 (3 to 5 year price projection).

    I own shares and would / will by a modest amount more on expected current / continued weakness in the stock price---although I never bet the ranch on any one stock.

    Patience is a virtue and a necessity for investing (being right sometimes also helps).
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    Miami and New York, reeling from the economic fallout of Covid 19, lead the U.S. in mortgage delinquencies.
    Miami and New York, reeling from the economic fallout of Covid 19, lead the U.S. in mortgage delinquencies.
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    This bank terrifies me. I would love to hear everyone's opinions as to why they think this is a $30 stock. I could see this bank going belly up soon. Target price $0-$15.

    They have grown exponentially through acquisition over the past decade to support their risky construction loans.

    Do they even know the details or status of their $1B remaining in purchased loans?

    Why has Bank OZK only reserved 1.6% for credit losses? JP Morgan and other banks that routinely underwrite much less risky deals are reserving 2%. That is at least $80M additional expense that Bank Ozk should have taken in Q2 2020. So much for beating estimates...

    How many times is Bank OZK going to blame the CECL accounting practices for estimating credit losses? Good banks evaluate risk/potential loss during the underwriting process.

    Why has Bank OZK avoided appraisals on their risky construction loans? Their loan to value ratios would be crushed.

    How many off-balance-sheet commitments has Bank OZK made in the last several? Do their financial statements have any validity?

    It is clever how they “Modernized” Arkansas banking regulations by shedding their holding company allowing them to stop reporting to the SEC amidst scrutiny of their practices. Unlike every other bank regulated by SEC, they only report to FDIC.

    Why are insiders scrambling to sell their shares in the $25-30 range in the last few months?
    Bank OZK is either cooking the books or is so clueless that their bank is about to collapse that they increased their dividend.
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    Will they declare dividend on 10/01/2020?????
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    ALL banks are knocked down right now. No one knows how many loan customers have stopped making loan payments in the second quarter. The second quarter earning later this month will be telling for all banks. OZK carries very few home loans. The RESG commercial loan portfolio has always been conservatively underwritten...we will see how it looks at the earnings release. It’s always worthwhile to listen to the earning call...Gleason is strong.
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    any reason why this continues to tank? more bad news looming in their loan portfolio? it's pretty much trading at Great Recession level prices at this point.
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    Kind of surprising the so called “Analyst” that follow this bank have not caught on to how volatile this institution has become. Expenses are running hotter than expected, turnover is high in the community banking segment, payoffs appear to outstrip[ping loan originations, NIM is shrinking much faster than expected and the company appears to be a “one trick pony” from a potential growth perspective. Investing in a company that has a huge presence in the RV and boat market while simultaneously writing large complex loans most bank shy away from is a recipe for disaster. Not to mention the fact they lost the architect of the RESG group over two years ago which appears to be just now showing up.
    Stockholders have been butchered in this name and it certainly doesn’t look like the market is buying managements explanations as stated in the conference call transcript.
    This bank is one event away from being a mid-teen stock.
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    JPM -3.97%

    BAC -5.59%

    WFC -4.38%

    C -5.03%

    USB -2.99%
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    Mike H
    OZRK is going to spend money to get rid of its name. I voted “NO” on my proxy.
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    Will be up by the AM
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    Took a position just under $43 today. I have been waiting for a dip. Anyone else buy this morning?
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    Sell off today way over done! Economy strong rates moderated and banks will make a lot of money! End of 2019 this will be $40 plus! Sell off today irrational.
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    $28.40 in AH.Guess the market wasn't too happy with the quarterly
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    After hours trading should be stopped. If we all can’t play on the same field it’s wrong. Retail investors hands are tied and they are down $6 and can’t move. What a joke.
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    Slowly creeping up to $29 or higher...
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    Can someone explain this shareholder lawyer firm. Are they suing the executives? If found guilty, do the executives lose their salaries or something? It does not come out of my pocket I hope?
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    They’ll beat earnings today
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    Citigroup just put it at a buy less then a month ago when it was $50
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    Buyout coming soon for this undervalued gem?