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The Boston Beer Company, Inc. (SAM)

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  • What is beautiful to one person may be ugly to another http://dataunion.tistory.com/11809

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  • Good news longs. Was at a cook out and one of the "millennial" guest was drinking Truly Spiked and Sparkling.
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  • Boston Beer needs to freshen things up a little. How about a new label? How about using Boston Beer on the label with a picture of ship? How about coming up with a good IPA and selling it in a 4 pack like Dogfish for 9.99. I mean a good IPA and not the re-introduced Rebel.
  • Fellars, it won't be long befer SAM puts out its Octoberfest beers. Last year I was disappointed in the Octoberfest sampler and would rather drink the basic Boston Lager...........some friends feel the same. Still think it will crack $120 by Labor Day per my last post. Was in Illinois last week and what a dysfunctional place..........yet I could buy some decent tasting beer at $15/case and gasoline was $1.96/gallon and no highway work sites to slow travel (Ill.DOT told contractors to shutdown worksites cause they can't pay the bills with no budget). Ahhh yes, dysfunctional is good!!!!
  • What does everyone think of the re-introduced Rebel IPA? Personally I was disappointed. SAM should have sampled Dogfish 90 minute and Captains Daughter IPA before coming up with this stuff. Seriously these guys need to shake things up and get the brewers working on coming up with some good IPA. Rebel Roiser isn't bad IMHO. BTW I'm long SAM and its been painfull.
  • Couple of things to ponder....company stock buy back has came to a halt......shorts still hold roughly 26% of float....could be company sees scenario developing with heavy shorts & a much better than expected product depletions in upcoming earnings report that will wash out the heavy short & allow stock to rebound. Big brewers think they will be able to bully beer drinkers into their way of thinking.....won't happen....there are sacred loyalties to products & why they exist....this one is the one that endures. Koch has some pride & believes in his vision.....appreciate this is a true craft! Eliminate the unfair trade practice of distributors controlling shelf space & things look much different.
  • Rick: I believe you're a tad on the low side...........many months befer I said the $150 mark would go down and right now with all the competition I suspect we could se $120 by Labor Day......stayin' on the sidelines.
  • SAM should be trading max $90, company is shrinking, using S&P mutilple on $5 earnings gets $90 and should be a discount, only reason stock is here is because they are buying it back themselves
  • SAM reached a new 52 Week Low at 133.60
  • Why was Mr. Roper's salary in 2016 $23,392,000? Why did the Board of Directors grant Mr. Roper 575,507 options in 2016? Why is Mr. Roper leaving the company? Why do ALL of the Directors and Executives of SAM sell all of their stock? Why are Directors making $145,000 each for attending 4 board meetings a year? Why has SAM spent all their cash on buying back stock in the open market? Why are sales down 14% year over year? Why do people buy SAM at $143/ share?
  • sAm be en 🚀drink summer ale righty mate
  • What is going on here?
  • Berkshire should buy it in a cash deal!
  • Where is BBdott
  • 1.7B Market cap? This will be taken over by big guys soon or later. I am buyer here.
  • In case anyone missed Cramers comments 2 days ago. Short open interest was 24%. The squeeze may be on! You can't beat quality and consistency. That's what this product is. They re innovators in what they do, and they will long be around when many of these as runs get ran out of business or quit when it's not fun anymore.
  • SAM reported very poor 1st Qtr results and the market reacts with a higher stock price? Does ANYBODY who owns this stock take the time to read the Press Releases? Revenues were DOWN 14% Year over Year. 14%. AP actually let its Robot press release set a headline that said SAM actually beat its 1st Qtr. Estimate! What an outright lie. I'm shocked that AP is not worried that somebody will sue them for false reporting. Had it not been for a 1 time accounting adjustment of $.28 per share, SAM had 1st Qtr earnings of $.17, well below the street estimate of $.26 per share. This brewery is in big trouble and the market does not see it. It's truly fascinating. Depletions were down 14% from same time last year. My only assumption is that the Board of Directors is in the market this morning spending more of their money buying back stock like crazy. THey bought back 283,000 shares for $43.3 million the 1st Qtr. paying an average of $153 per share. How do they justify spending all their cash on a sinking stock? Just so their CEO and owner can go in each day and sell 7500 shares for a better stock price. Two key people have already jumped off the ship - Martin Roper, their CEO is leaving, and a Board member recently announced he is stepping down.
  • Sam Adams got a huge problem in marketing its products. It is simply too expensive and price has to fall further as a legitimate punishment.
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