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Sears Holdings Corporation (SHLD)

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  • Wonder when Sears is going to sell display fixtures on Amazon?
  • 50/50 chance BK is announced this week. Something big is about to happen. Lots of rumors going around.
  • Why would anyone buy appliances from a company that is on the verge of BK? Buy a Kenmore refrigerator with a warranty, Sears goes BK next month... what do you do now? Wasn't there a similar situation with Goldsmith and their gift cards?
  • it is obvious there will be no acquisitions by others companies until Sears announces Bk than expect hyenas to tear it to the bone!and Eddie will sit drinking scotch smiling celebrating his victory.
  • Yeah, I hate it when Forbes writes about facts. What are those journalists thinking?
  • Sears is worth billions and billions...

    ....of Shop Your Way points.
  • Stock is now at the selling price prior to amazon deal. Easy come easy go.
  • CS out with a report today: "We have to imagine that Amazon is getting a sweet deal given Sears' struggles. It's also leveraging Kenmore's existing supply chain and it would seem that most sales will get fulfilled from separate warehouses/distribution centers (DCs) away from Amazon."
  • So, this guy from the Forbes article just nailed it regarding this Amazon deal.....it was a desperation move because there is no way anyone would pay anything for Kenmore.....despite Eddie's claims that its a very valuable asset.....here's the quote from the article...
    "Earlier this year, Sears fetched $900 million by selling the Craftsman brand to Stanley Black & Decker, one of the leading manufacturers and marketers of hand and power tools. So it's hard to imagine that Sears did not try to do a similar deal with either a manufacturer of appliances (e.g. Whirlpool or GE) or one of the now leading appliance retailers. The Kenmore partnership with Amazon appears to have far less value than the Craftsman deal, despite being done just six months later--which speaks volumes to how far Sears has fallen and for how weak Sears' bargaining position has become. The cash flow from the Amazon transaction will do little to mitigate Sears operating losses and downward trajectory. In fact, it seems to be mostly the best way, under desperate circumstances, to extract the remaining value of the Kenmore brand given that no high dollar suitors emerged and Sears continues its march toward oblivion. Amazon, however, is able to take advantage of fire-sale pricing and create the valuable option to have Kenmore as a potentially powerful future private brand to build its presence in the home category."
  • There's rumors going around that this coming week might be a REALLY bad week to be long. Hold at your own risk.

    If it were me I'd put that sell order in at market asap. Regardless, you know it's coming down next week. Last week's run is over. It dropped 8% on Friday. Shorts are going to pile on and longs will be desperately selling early in the week.Then, there's a high probability of news that may crush this stock mid-week. It's also the end of the quarter so certain people will have a pretty good idea of what the Q will look like. I doubt they're going to be happy with it.
  • I see there is a vast amount of emotional and disgruntled retail investors still stuck in this sinking ship. Even blockbuster and radioshack had small glimpses of hope before eventually declining bankruptcy. No different for SHLD. The titanic is definitely still sinking...just takes some time to do so. Short all you can folks. This is a no brainer.
  • Shorting is like taking candy from a baby
  • Sears is selling appliances on Amazon.?! One more reason not to go to the Sears stores that are still open.
    Not sure how much this matters anyway, considering they were trying to find a buyer for Kenmore.
    Low margin appliance sales won't save Sears.
  • 1:15 comes twice a day, every day.. AM and PM
  • Not only Amazon is making deals with Sears, I now hear that Warren Buffet is putting forth a offer to buy 285 stores with a plan to convert them into "giant" See's Candy outlets...in those malls and areas where there are no local See's outlets'
    (for those unaware, Berkshire is the 100% owner of See's Candy.)
    The free Bon Bon offer with every $25 purchase, from this past weekend, was a trial promotion to see how many current Sears customers love chocolate. Word has it... it went well.
    No mention of how much would be offered for the 285 stores. The appliance department would be leased back to Sears as a retail outlet for a Amazon showroom where customers could see the washers, dryers, and refrigerators in person while they stop off for boxes of assorted soft-center chocolates.
  • So let me see if I have all the current facts correct on Sears.
    1. They couldn't pay back their $500 million loan due in July, so they paid $100 million it and pushed it back 6 months.
    2. Eddie said they sold "$200 million worth of real estate in June" but has not said how many locations he sold and at what price?
    3. After paying the $100 million of the loan they turn right around and go and borrow $200 million more?
    4. Now they have announced a deal to sell their Kenmore appliances on their competitors website?

    Did I miss anything?
  • Is next step Amazon acquires Sears and uses the real estate for distribution centers?
  • Official Sears bankruptcy pool:

    Pick the date you think Sears will file bankruptcy. Whoever is closest wins.
  • The amazon 'deal' did nothing more than stall for time as the inevitable big B approaches.