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Sears Holdings Corporation (SHLD)

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  • Wonder when Sears is going to sell display fixtures on Amazon?
  • It's pointless to buy Sears stock right now.

    The probability of bankruptcy is high. You're very likely to lose all of your money. The stock only moves up on news then gets hammered the next day and drifts down until the next news comes out. There's no hope of making a sustained run until Sears can demonstrate they can stop losing money. We know that's not going to happen this quarter. The sheer end of quarter desperation tells us that. We know it's not going to happen next quarter. Sears is completely unprepared for back to school and will get beat by everybody. We know it's not going to happen the quarter after that. Sears is going to get crushed at christmas (lack of inventory) and then the annual report comes out. So, the absolute earliest a Sears long can expect to make money back is April. Between now and then it's not going to go much higher than it is now. Holding between now and then only increases your risk with no chance at a reward. Plus, I'm wiling to bet everything I own that it's going to drop a lot lower over the next few months. Wouldn't it make a lot more sense to sell now and pick back up in a few months when it's 5 dollars or lower?

    Go invest in a good company for awhile and then come back to this POS.
  • Square Trade does the extended Warranties on Amazon appliances
    eddie just killed what little warranty business he had , as well as killing service
    Square Trade does not use ghetto king service
    (A&E or Sears Blue Crew)

    click on extended warranty and you will see Square Trade (which is owned by Allstate )

    Amazon partnered with Whirlpool 1rst of year with smart appliance , and Kenmore app does not work with Alexa
    Amazon has been selling Kenmore for over a year , just like they sell all "Real Brands "
    Kenmore is a fake brand , that does NOT have installation for a large part
    Licensed personal are required for all gas appliances , Dishwashers , water heaters , etc , and SHLD does same as LOW, HD, BBY ,AMZN , etc ...and hire contractors

    AMZN offers service , with reviews , and you don't see the boob crew as an option

    this AMZN/Kenmore is a dog and pony show for PBGC
    eddie is about out of firewood

    beginning of this year per 10 -K , they owned 67 Kmarts , and 293 Sears stores (pg 18)

    eddie paid down recent payday loan that had property as collateral , but now has inventory as collateral

    PBGC gets ALL of remaining Craftsman / Stanley deal ...$250 Million plus all future royalties
    (pg 9 last 10 Q)

    PBGC also attached another $100 Million in property ( also pg 9)
    and that is why eddie paid off payday loan, as he had to free up property used as collateral

    either eddie/fund keeps Titanic afloat , or this dog goes into Chapter 7
    and that is why SRG just sold a kidney , to cover closed stores
  • wow! What a disturbing experience at a sears store a few minutes. I brought a tool to the register. The attendant was 15 ft. away and I was in plain sight. after 5 minutes, he looked up from his computer and asked if I had a question. I told him I wanted to check out. He replied that he was helping another customer and went back to his terminal, ignoring me. I was the only customer in the entire tool deoartment. I left. He seemed very distractd and not the least bit interested in helping me. It is my local store and the same guy has always been very helpful.

    @manbearpig, is this the kind of odd thing you hsve been hearing?
  • BK is unavoidable.
  • SHLD longs recently:
  • SHLDQ will be the new ticker symbol shortly. Might as well bookmark it now.
  • Now what the $#%$? I can't imagine a more delusional bunch than those who invest in SHLD. Negligible news, but they think it will save sears. SHLD is going nowhere but down.
  • 50/50 chance BK is announced this week. Something big is about to happen. Lots of rumors going around.
  • SHLD is a scam and the SEC will be looking into this sham for years.
  • So, how long until this dead cat bounce fades?
    How many lives are left with this thing?
  • Why would anyone buy appliances from a company that is on the verge of BK? Buy a Kenmore refrigerator with a warranty, Sears goes BK next month... what do you do now? Wasn't there a similar situation with Goldsmith and their gift cards?
  • it is obvious there will be no acquisitions by others companies until Sears announces Bk than expect hyenas to tear it to the bone!and Eddie will sit drinking scotch smiling celebrating his victory.
  • Whatever news comes out in the next few days I'm sure it's going I'm sure it's going to be bad for Sears but longs will try to spin it as good.

    The Amazon deal was horrible for Sears. They could have sold the brand and made a few hundred million dollars but instead they give it away to their biggest competitor. The loan was horrible news for Sears. And yet the stock was up both days. The stock was also up at the end of last Q when they lost 400 million. I don't get why people buy on bad news.
  • Shorting is like taking candy from a baby
  • Yeah, I hate it when Forbes writes about facts. What are those journalists thinking?
  • Sears is worth billions and billions...

    ....of Shop Your Way points.
  • Stock is now at the selling price prior to amazon deal. Easy come easy go.
  • in another week or so all the proceeds from the sale of the crown jewel South Coast Plaza store will have been burned up.