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UQM Technologies, Inc. (UQM)

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  • up 9% after hrs?
  • The quarter is over and it looks like ITL hasn't paid yet.
    When is this company going to get a CEO that can deliver.
  • http://jcharlesassets.com/opiant-pharmaceuticals/?s=UQM has an alert for $UQM. Did anyone happen to see it as well? Looking for some good positive information from the company! Making money investing. "hhse"

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  • Wuzhoulong Motors has the capacity to produce 30k buses/year
  • pretty good news..could lead to some very substantial orders...liked the part where they are in 40 countries
  • people who bought in be .40s/.50s
  • High volume today ! Somebody knows something........pending deal or large order me thinks.
  • Sam just look at holders and then insider transaction. Yuo will notice that the Exe and the board never pay for the shares that receive.
  • Who gives a $hit about the .84 wall? Not me. This type of talk is diversionary. The real discussion should be why are we not pushing USD $8.40, why the shortfall? To whom or what are we allocating our resources per unit of time? I realize slowly but surely "wins the race" and "one step back, two steps forward" but I do not understand this admittance to the "Far East Intensive Care Ward." This is our fault, not theirs. Our Board is the sick man.
    Thoughts? Comments?
  • need some volume to push this thru the .84 wall
  • Business in Asia can be good, but I don't care what anyone wants, I only care about what is being done in real-time for my bottom line profits. When I go to Asia even the USA Vitamix blenders employed to mix my mango smoothies are reverse engineered bootleg knock-offs. I trace this situation back to the early eighties and the bonfire made by Reagan- iites with the Paul Samuelson Economics textbooks in the Ivy League MBA programs.
  • What about military contracts had by lobbyists and consultants, along with bread and butter high performance electric forklift motors? Running longer on a charge gets all the business.

    China is like an intensive care ward for sick stuff. It is the fault of the sick stuff, not the Chinese.

    Thoughts? Comments?
  • Per CEO of Pi Innovo--- In mid-2017, UQM will be able to offer a full turnkey system solution to its bus customers using Pi Innovo ECUs and controls.As previously mentioned, we recently entered into a partnership with UQM to pursue the electric bus market, primarily targeting huge growth in China. UQM values Pi Innovo’s ECUs and strong controls engineering and we get to leverage UQM’s growing presence in China. It should be a win-win.

    Pi Innovo sees strategic partnerships as a key to growth, especially where we work in collaboration with other technology providers to deliver innovative system solutions as well as providing subsystems.
  • Call takeaways:

    1. They need to be moving in the low thousands of units out the door to see positive cash flow. They presently deliver hundreds. Even with the backlog, management does not foresee profitability in the near future.

    2. "Brad, this is David. We're still burning about $1 million a quarter. That's been a fairly consistent burn rate for a number of quarters now. We recently closed a line of credit with the bank for $5.6 million that we have the ability to draw on as we needed. And we believe that, that bank financing is going to give us enough time and room to allow us to execute on our strategic plan of finding a strategic partner and trying to get some kind of investments from that partner to supplement our cash. So at the moment, we are not contemplating another capital raise."

    They need to get a partner to avoid having to do an equity offering. At their burn rate they'd need to have this in progress by late this year and closed in early 2018.

    3. Joe makes no promises relative to selling a majority stake and control in the company. He intimates that this is almost a necessity for doing business in China, which seems to be the location of his presumed salvation.

    Seems the future is clear - the Q seeks to sell a large stake in itself to a Chinese company. And if this doesn't happen they'll have to price a secondary to keep the lights on for as their line will be tapped. On their own, profitability isn't in the cards for quite some time.
  • Sounds like they are very optimistic about the future! If you believe that electric vehicles are a significant part of the future then you should know that one of the producers of high quality power trains will be very busy, very soon. As far as I'm concerned, all the stars are aligned for a big 2017-18. Great time to get in. I've waited a long time but wish I was getting in now, instead of waiting all these years.
  • Joey's excited optimistic blah blah blah. we've been hearing this for years.
  • Prediction,: 1.5-2M loss, 1.5-2M cash burn,great things around the corner.IMHO
  • predictions for today?
  • ALL aboard!!
  • Share price is holding. Confirms my idea that a couple of large 'investors' have bought a position on UQM, and will wait & see what pans out during the next 12 months. Any genuinely good news from here on out, and I expect to see a significant pop in price.
    But first, we need to see the recently confirmed $2M+ order completed, paid for, and in the books ... and on time! This will restore some long-desired confidence in the company.