• Trump’s hostility toward free trade might have killed the iPhone
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    Rick Newmanyesterday

    Trump’s hostility toward free trade might have killed the iPhone

    It’s a hard question to answer, one reason Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has gained traction with voters by haranguing free-trade deals with China, Mexico and other nations. Free trade is supposed to generate benefits that compensate for such harm, and leave Americans better off overall. Free trade has almost certainly brought enormous benefits to the US economy, however, including the creation of whole new industries that might not exist if the United States had the sort of closed economy Trump seems to prefer.

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    [$$] How Alphabet and Facebook Could Lose Out in Online Ads

    The dominance of Alphabet and Facebook in online advertising is so obvious that it is worth contemplating how their preeminence might one day fade, because the unimaginable can sometimes become reality whether investors like it or not. Will people stop searching for stuff on Alphabet’s (GOOGL) Google search engine, or stop “liking” their friends’ posts on Facebook (FB)? Such a scenario was suggested last week by Wedbush’s James Dix.

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    [$$] Broadcom Could Rise 20%

    It also bodes well for key supplier Broadcom. Until recently, the thinking on the semiconductor maker was that it can expand sales of its smartphone innards even in a sluggish environment for handset purchases, because Broadcom’s wares are a key to higher data speeds. Wall Street predicts Apple (AAPL) will book sales of 75.5 million iPhones during its quarter ending in December—the first full quarter since the latest model launched.