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  • K
    Most quarterly reports are in by now.
    What stock reports better performance than AMD?

    MU $8.64B up 16% YoY
    Microsoft $51.87B up 12% YoY, guidance 10%
    IBM $15.5B, up 9.3 % YoY
    Apple $83B up 2% YoY, no guidance
    Metaverse. $28.822B, down 0.88% YoY
    Intel $15.321B, down 21.96% YoY
    Nvidia reports Aug 24 but warned 2Q of $6.7B down 44% sequentially

    The answer:

    No company is reporting better numbers than AMD !!!

    AMD reported $6.55B up 70% YoY, Guidance for 2022 $26B up 60% YoY
  • C
    Desktop CPU Sales Lowest in 30 Years, AMD Gains Market Share Anyway (Updated)
    By Paul Alcorn published 4 days ago -- One rises while the rest fall.
    The Mercury Research CPU market share results are in for the second quarter of 2022, and the news isn't great — desktop CPU shipments dropped to their lowest level in nearly three decades. Dean McCarron from Mercury Research says the year-over-year decline is the largest in the firm's records, which stretches back 28 years, and predicts it was the biggest since 1984 (36 years). The decline came as OEMs reduced their inventory, drastically reducing demand in the quarter. Somehow AMD managed to carve out gains in both unit share and revenue during the quarter, though.

    According to the recent earnings report from Intel, AMD, and Nvidia, the recovery will be a long one. Intel issued a dire earnings report last week — the company lost money for the first time in decades, partially driven by PC declines. Intel also announced it was delaying its critical Xeon Sapphire Rapids data center chips and killing off another failing business unit, Optane; the sixth unit retired since new CEO Pat Gelsinger took over.

    In contrast, AMD's revenue was up 70% year-over-year as the company continued to improve its already-great profitability. AMD is firing on all cylinders and will launch its Ryzen 7000 CPUs, RDNA 3 GPUs, and EPYC Genoa data center processors on schedule.

    That consistent execution continues to pay off. AMD took big strides in the mobile/laptop market again, setting another record for unit share in that segment with 24.8%. AMD also gained in the server market for the 13th consecutive quarter, reaching 13.9% of the market. Notably, AMD's quarterly gain in servers is the largest we've seen in our historical data, which dates back to 2017, and it set a record for server revenue share. AMD also set a new record of 31.4% of the total market share for x86 processors.
  • S
    Nvda was a market darling before and perhaps still is today! 

    It warned Q2 results would be substantially lower than previously estimated on Aug 8! 
    The official Q2 ER will be announced on Aug 24.
    If the warning results are real, it may be serious on its future position which is worth watching!

    Below is a quick comparison between Nvda & AMD’s key data:

    (1) Revenue:
      Nvda: -19% (qoq) : +5.8% (yoy)   Amd : +11% (qoq) ; +70% (yoy)

    (2) Data center
      Nvda: +1% (qoq)   ; +61% (yoy) 
      Amd : +15% (qoq) ; +83% (yoy)  
    (3) Gaming
      Nvda:  -33% (yoy) ; -44% (qoq) 
      Amd : +32% (yoy) ;

    (4) GM (gross margin)
      Nvda: 46.1% (* Down from Q1’s 65.5%)
      Amd : 54% (vs 48% last yr) 

    - Are sharp declines in revenue, data center, gaming & gross margin just for short term, or could last longer?
    - Is Nvda losing its GPU dominance (market share) in data center & gaming to AMD?
  • M
    As Axl Rose would say...
    "The problem we have the failure to communicate"
    So Citi issues a neutral for Intel & AMD based on soft pc again clueless firms have no clue as to what AMD is engaged in EVEN with breaking this quarter out segment by segment they still can't see clearly as they fail to communicate!!!
  • F
    Every time I short it goes up.
    Every time I go long it goes down
    I cant win
  • Y
    Anyone know anymore about this?

    8/15/22 13:50:27: Saudi's Public Investment Fund Takes Share Stake Of 4.7M Shares in Advanced Micro Devices
  • M
    Master Yoda
    Tom Lee said S&P could hit 5000 this year. His clients saying this is a bear market rally the entire time, lol.
  • J
    Jimbo Wimbo
    I think this deserves to trade at a premium ($150). It's taking market share from Intel and chip demand is growing. When semiconductor shortage is less of a headwind you'll see AMD doing $50b revenues and getting a $15 EPS. At a 22 PE ratio (fair P/E valuation) that would give it a value of $330 a share.

    Screaming buy
  • P
    LISA, will speak at the Rosenblatt conference, who loves AMD as well anyway on September 15th !
  • W
    Doggie remains me of the wide receiver celebrating big-time in the end zone with his team down 56-13 late in the third quarter & the defensive back comes up & points to the scoreboard.
  • W
    Up 25% in the last month & the clueless AMD retail shorts still don't get it.
  • D
    How is NVDA higher than the day they warned and AMD lower? Doesn't make sense but maybe their buyback is that aggressive.
  • j
    Hmmm...action today felt like Rodney "I get no respect" Dangerfield. We can do better than 18 cents?
  • b
    This stock was 165 last November.
  • M
    Master Yoda
    Shorts are weak, can't even hold us under 100.
  • S
    Consolidating and ready to break out over that heavy resistance at 102
  • K
    Great article from a savvy Analyst… AMD is immune from a slowdown !!

    * AMD still seems set to generate significant growth through next year.
    * The chip company has the ability to steal $10+ billion in additional Data Center sales.
    * The Embedded segment from Xilinx has massive growth and remains supply contained.
    * The stock remains cheap at 16x forward EPS target of $6+.
  • b
    Good Morning all.

    News from Hans Mosesmann of Rosenblatt Securities last evening.

    "The Tale of Two Cities drama of AMD vs. Intel is convoluted to some degree by the Street and Intel’s positioning of both historical powerhouse and global victim to geopolitical vagaries (as if chronic inexecution were not a factor). In the Intel narrative that is mainstream due in part to the CHIPS Act and such, a nasty down cycle is welcome and proof that swift action (subsidies) is needed. In the real world,
    look for the next 18 months to be the biggest transfer in infrastructure (data center) market share in a long time, if not in history. In AMD’s favor in case this was not evident."

    End of quote. AS always.....In Hans We Trust.
  • W
    long more AMD at 100.41