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Energy Transfer Partners, L.P. (ETP)

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19.95-0.54 (-2.64%)
At close: 4:02PM EDT
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  • When is this POS going to start rising? Kinder Morgan just announced a 60% rise in dividends next year stock is up 5%.
  • As much as the greenies want to push the country back into the stone age it isn't going to happen. We are now the world's swing producer and about to become one of the biggest exporters of natural gas. One export terminal is already built with two more on the way and a new pipeline into Mexico to become operational. We will supply much of the needs of Easter Europe now through Lithuania. Add to this the exportation of crude oil and coal and there it is - decades of cheap energy for the US and our friends - and a lump of coal for Russia and OPEC. By year end revenues and profits will drive a much higher distribution rate which will continue to rise anually.
  • Excuse my naivete. Why do analyst love this stock which, while losing money at a decent clip, pays a big unsupported dividend?
  • Army Corp of Engineers has told Judge Boasberg that there is a "serious possibility" that they will approve the permit "again" to cross under Lake Oahe and that the pipeline should remain operational as a result
  • I just checked ETP figures on Y, Nasdaq and UBS sites. There are totally different varying from the loss and negative PE shown on Y to the respectable PE of +9.8 on UBS. Nas is somewhere in between. Too subtle for me, this stuff.
  • After the EPD win on the Appeal of the $530 mil award.... and yesterdays filinging in the ACE DAPL fiasco....

    Mr Market is saying the $530 mil doesnt change a thing.... wasnt on the books.... woulda been nice but what the hey....

    As to DAPL..... Mr Market is saying.... pipe will remain in service..... for the duration and thereafter...

    DAPL may be a weight until its settled..... but ETP goes to $26+ after this case is settled
  • Every time there is court activity on DAPL this takes it on the chin somewhat.... is it nerves?.., some shorting?.... who knows

    When the case is settled this goes away
  • No amount of justification can redeem investing in this. Hopefully Kelcey Warren has a massive stroke this weekend and leaves you bottom feeders broke while you watch your kids starve to death. The Rover disaster is going to cost you plenty $$$$$. This make a buck at any expense to the earth is over.
  • Our latest meeting with the IR Department indicates that this quarter's distribution maybe raise up to $0.60. This is all dependent on how much it may cost to grease the skids for Rover, Mariner 2, and DAPL to be in the the rearview.
  • When do they announce the this quarter dividend payout?
  • So when is Ex dividends date for the 2nd quarter?
  • It's automatic when I
    Talk with old "friends"
    The conversation turns to

    Then once we get August they turn around and do it again :-)

    God bless Brian Wilson
  • I have stakes in this company, but weary of it. Getting buy ratings from analysts. CEO buying up shares. Yet there are downward pressure on the stock price. What gives?
  • What's up with the $32 billion in debt? Is that number accurate? See it on the balance sheet here on Finance.Yahoo.com.
  • CEO of Energy Transfer Partners Lp (ETP) Kelcy L Warren bought 1,000,000 shares of ETP on 07/06/2017 at an average price of $20.33 a share. The total cost of this purchase was $20.3 million.
  • EPD just raised their distribution now it;s ETP's turn to match the move
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  • The $22.00 area is reachable..... Regardless of everything, they are on track.
  • 1A by NPR discusses the Dakota Access Pipeline.
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