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Franklin Wireless Corp. (FKWL)

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  • A
    Great Value for the long term Investor here. Solid price target too at 16 USD. Patience is the key. In a few years the 4/5G network will dominate Telecoms.
  • w
    Possible Verizon settlement.
  • w
    VZ still has not produced the units that allegedly overheated nor has Fkwl been able to recreate overheating in any units according to 10k filed yesterday. Lawsuits not filed since no overheated units have been produced. Settlement discussions underway.
  • I
    It will run over $12.00 before EOY. Patience.
  • J
    Insane value here. Who knows how long they will let it churn.
    Just keep accumulating while it's under 10 and you'll be smiling big when it zips back to 20.
    Patience needed during the churn period but remember:
    This is a highly illiquid stock. Big big buying and selling can result in disproportionate moves.
    When money comes back in, which it will, it can easily move 100% in weeks.
  • Q
    Patiently waiting for earnings call over the past few day. Hopefully, the delay and stock prices going down isnt bad news. Anybody with fact based news out here?
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    Terminal Gravity
    $ERYP conversation
    Are we getting options? If so, a really good thing...

    Hyacinth Markets

    new option listings and three option delistings on August 25th
  • T
    lawsuits and phones catching will that affect the stock
  • f
    dante 1118....Why do you think these results are not sustainable or do you simply have doubts?
    The last few quarters franklin is demonstrating a steady increase in revenues and the company's margins show impressive strength.
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    Bright Eyes
    Has anyone seen this lately? Now is the time to make comments.
  • J
    Seems sellers these days just sell and don't know anything about the fundamentals of the company they are selling.

    Anyone who compared the market cap to the amount of cash the company has in their coffers would realize this is a buying opportunity, not a selling opportunity.

    Seems simple enough to do, even for someone with no training in financial research. But I guess it's above the capabilities of today's investor.

    Then again, low liquidity microcaps are easy to push around all over the place and insanely volatile moves are pretty much par for the course.

    Let them have their fun. I'll keep accumulating. I'm curious to see just how far they can get away with smashing this down before some major value investor calls their bluff.
  • m
    $FKWL is the most undervalued stock on the market right now.

    Revenue : 44.3M (up 185% from Q1 2020)
    Gross Profit:7.5M (up 150% from Q1 2020)
    Net Income: 3.9M (up 297% from Q1 2020)

    Net income for last 9 months = 18.35m
    Net cash flow for last 9 months = 26.1M

    Cash March 31 = 54M
    Market Cap = 111m.

    Half its market cap in pure cash with no long term debt.

    Sell off relates to a recall on its Jetpack Hotspot. Verizon issued a recall on 2.5m hotspots sold between April 2017 and 2021 due to battery issues. 20 units out of 2.5m in 4 years had issues.

    Product recall average return rate of 65% if recalled in first two years. Most Jetpacks were sold between 2017 and 2018 meaning they would of been replaced by 2021 or customers would pass on the recall.

    Recall cost: 2,500,000 x .40% = 1,000,000 batters X ($3 - $6 per battery)

    The stock has dropped 230m in market cap for a 3-6m one time lose on a outdated product.

    Price Target of 25$ by end of year after recall complete.

    Valuation compared to its peers:

    Revenue growth: 180% YoY
    PE Ratio: 5.06
    (sitting on half market cap in cash)

    Revenue Growth: 25% YoY
    PE Ratio: 14.23

    Revenue Growth: 43% YoY
    PE Ratio: N/A (losses)

    $FKWL is trading at a 65% discount to its peers and should be trading in the 30$ range.

    This discount is a result of the Jetpack recall which will have at most a 3-6M impact on its next quarters financials. Factoring in this reduction in net income FKWL's PE Ratio would be at 6.30 which is still trading at a 56% discount to NTGR based on a PE standpoint.

    When factoring in revenue growth and cash balance this stock should be trading with a PE ratio of 20+.

    At these levels this stock will be a candidate of a buyout from a large telecommunication company.

    Average up your costs base you will not regret it when this stock is trading back at above $30 by end of year.

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    Dave W
    You have to wonder if the hedge fund business modal includes having law firms shill for them to scare off retail or lazy fund managers. This appears to be simple pillaging. A recall for FKWL is like a drop of blood to a shark. They smell it a mile away. Money was made driving this stock down. Some dollar cost averaging can work wonders.
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    Dave W
    I am not a large holder of this stock but thought it was worth buying at 21.....this huge drop is due to battery problems and according to Verizon, out of 2.5 million units, there have been approx 20 units that have problems with no injuries reported. Clearly this can destroy a company like Franklin, but CERTAINLY, this can easily be a chance to accumulate cheaper shares. I have increased my holding by 20% and think this is merely a bump in the road. My investment is small enough that I can lose my entire gamble and not be hurt. So there it is.
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    They have a lot of cash and very little debit......They need to engage the battery supplier......
  • H
    OC Kim treats a Public company like Private. Where are public shareholders advocates & activists?
  • f
    Much of the increase in recent quarters may be due to covid as wireless services have increased for both work and school, but I think this is here to stay around the world.
    Franklin has to take advantage of this situation to gain notoriety in more countries and sell its quality products at a good price, people and companies will pay for it without any problem.
  • J
    Dropped to 23$ today dec/17:2020 I’ll check this board in a month or so see how it went🤓🤓🤓
  • f
    I got into the company because of a report from that Franklin's stock is 93% undervalued.
    I advise all investors to read that report, which states a fair value of 302.29 $.
    Yes, I am new too, so thanks in advance for any information any investors can bring to this board.
    5G is unstoppable, if the technology is good more contracts will come in more countries.
    I don't know if franklin owns the technology it sells and I would like someone to provide information on this.
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    Howler Monkey
    Not easy to find bargain price stock from a good company anymore. We’re not doing a replay of Samsung here. Franklins numbers are very good. Buy.