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Groupon, Inc. (GRPN)

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3.47+0.26 (+8.10%)
At close: 4:00PM EDT
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  • This stock opened at 2.90 the other day which was strange and the has done nothing but go up ever since. Short covering or new buyers seeing value at these prices?
  • I wonder if MZ met with Board Members of GRPN, Uptake while he was in Chicago yesterday. There are a few synergies to be had between these two companies.
  • Analyst initiated Grpn target price to $4.23
  • Bingo! Today Grpn jump up to $3.5 soon
  • traditionally
    Traditionally Q2 is good. It's Spring and people start go out a do stuff. And they buy groupons...
    That is why we are getting the pop. Anyone shorting until Q2 is released would take a big gamble. After Q2 then maybe.
    Bottomline: to bring this stock back to $8-$10 this year, (totally possible) all management has to do is that some initiatives are taking off. Like the credit card embedded discount. If we get some traction there (with a big name like Amex, or similar) then this could be overnight a double digit stock. Keep in mind that there are stocks in the same sector out there with financials similar to GRPN and trading with much higher multipliers, which means a $10 stock price is absolutely reachable.
  • Does anyone know anything that might explain today's rally and extremely high volumes both during the market hour and after market hour?
  • Strong volume on strong gains. I was in this stock at 3.90 so it would be nice to above 4.
  • Waiting Grpn popping up to $3.5 end of this week
  • should I short??
  • Great buying opportunity as we are getting near the 52 week low of 2.90. This is a thriving company ran by poor management. I am a user of Groupon along with millions of others. Not sure when we'll turn the corner, but she will.
  • William's experience is wildly different from mine. I used Groupon to buy a hotel discount voucher. When I got to the hotel, the manager explained to me that they had so many vouchers that night, that they were only selling the last few rooms at full price (it was a casino and was fairly full that night). I emailed Groupon that night. The merchant apparently broke with the Groupon agreement; there was nothing in the fine print that allowed the merchant to not honor the Groupon. Groupon asked me details, whom I spoke to and when. I was issued a full refund and an apology. Incidentally, I have not seen that merchant on Groupon since. But, my point is that I had a very positive customer experience with Groupon customer service, despite a bad one with a merchant who sold me a voucher on their site.
  • We are still trending downward. 50 day moving average at 3.45 and 200 day moving average at 4.01. Unless these are broken, moving higher will not occur.

    My guess, moving down will continue.
  • Why does this stock go down when market goes up? Can anyone answer?
  • Good platform with potential, but poor management and lower earning so far.
    Traders Secrets on Groupon, Inc. (GRPN), Care Capital Properties, Inc. (CCP) | StockNewsJournal
  • sinking
  • I think the management needs to be replaced with true innovators. Its risky but the board needs to find a creative, internet innovator-type to run this company. If you get the right person, it's hard to overpay. This company needs to take some very bold, smart steps. It is a very good value at its current price though.
  • GRPN moved from Russell 1000 to Russell 2000 where its weight in the index increased causing demand for shares that is why the increase in volume and share price. GLTA
  • It has been the pattern
  • The fair value is around $3.5
  • Unless there is a surprising event this stock will hover in the low 3's until earnings. There is systematic selling during the first hours of trading each day with buyers entering midday. Some would call it manipulation others would say it's the market. I do know short interest has decreased substantially. Lowest its been in more than a year. Not sure what to read into this but I would think this would indicate a floor and the stock is basing. Otherwise why wouldn't those with bearish sentiments ride this to the ground. Cost of borrowing shares is much cheaper at these levels and on a percentage basis the returns could be substantial. Personally, I am long and waiting through the next ER. I am a believer in LHK's post and the shared quote from Warren Buffet.....

    "The market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient."