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Groupon, Inc. (GRPN)

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  • Motley Fools comments are simply a singular perspective on what the company use to be. No details around the closing of dozens of markets and the financial impact/benefit. The concentration on bottom line performance is another area where Williams and Randolfi have been steadfast. Growing the number of DAU's and MAU's is also a focus. Yes, there is CPGA effect on the results but in the end these efforts are part of the overall transformation.

    As much as I hate to state the obvious, this quarters earnings numbers and GUIDANCE updates are very important to the performance of the aforementioned initiatives. If GRPN cannot show positive momentum then we all should think of redirecting our investments elsewhere. If the numbers prove what we all think then we can expect to see significant acceleration to the share price.
  • The Motley Fool continues to be fools on GRPN.
  • Something is rotten in Denmark. I am really surprised at downgrades just before a company's earnings release. I always heard that some give a downgrade so they can buy shares cheaper. Now we shall see.
  • It looks like we have an "Albert Einstein" on board here, folk, by the name of Barry. The apparent IQ is astonishing!
    Barry: Thank you for your unselfish concern regarding a stock that you have no interest in. It's much appreciated.
  • 3 Great Reasons to Sell Groupon, Inc. - Motley Fool 1. This business model makes no sense - CORRECT - it's a fraud. 2. Stalled sales, plunging profits - HAHAHA - WHY any company gets involved with Poop-on is beyond me...let alone investors. 3. Shaky balance sheet - COOK THE BOOKS - they always have. This company NEVER should have gone public. It's been a LIE since the begining.

    Top-line sales are not growing anymore, bottom-line profits are falling through the floor, and the balance sheet is in rough shape to begin with. You won't find me considering a Groupon investment until the company comes up with a brand-new business model -- and even then, it's never easy to start from scratch. When cash flows run red, you need a solid balance sheet to lean on until the turnaround effort starts to work. That's not the case for Groupon.
  • Cramer says buy! maybe he will be right this time.
  • Anyone buying more at this huge two day drop?
  • This company needs to buy FUEL. Cross selling big data this advertising agency would add to GRPN's bottom line $0.20 a share
  • I would give "Barry" a thumbs up, but unfortunately, it seems only my middle-finger is working today.
  • MOSTLY FOOLS always have an agenda. Your best interest is not one of them.
  • Today's move is +/- 9 cents.
  • Bank of America rips off it's customers and now is ripping off GRPN right before earnings.
  • Corrupt Wall Street is when they value GRPN and SNAP and TWTR at billions of $ value, then they convince investors to buy into the hype, and as as soon as it goes IPO, they say oh they have no profit, or the model does not work, or they have competition from GOOG or FB ... this is corruption at its best. Someday they will be judged and yes ABCDEFG you will too.
  • Barry's back. Time to buy more. For those that have Level 2 look for the 30K order at 8:35 AM CDT. Time to get some weekend fun tickets, complements of Barry!!!
  • GRPN's short interest remains high at 45.3M shares. A slight change from over 46M a ft the end of June. What this means is over 8% of the float are borrowed shares and will need to cover if there is any positive catalyst. On the other side of the coin, if the news is negative the shorts can say cha-ching and dance all the way to the bank.

    Perhaps the FER or the alphabet ID can shed further light.
  • if AMZN has a forward P/E of 90, a price to sales of 3.60,

    GRPN with a forward P/E of 23 and a price to sales of .072....

    anyone good at math?

    I see a 5x factor between the 2. Like Groupon is 5 times undervalued compared to Amazon!!! (90/23 or 3.60/.72...)

    that means that if Groupon were trading at 5x $4.00 = $20 would be as fairly valued as Amazon is...

    So, based on that, a $10 price per share in 2017 is nothing crazy, if the company confirms revenues and cost controlling. That would also justify the recent 30% stock appreciation. Obviously the first stop would be $5-$6, but then we could head to $10 by Q4.
    I invite everyone to check with their brokerage on Groupon performance under the current CEO. He has always beat on earnings and revenues...so a pretty good record. GRPN reorganization started 2 years ago and now the finish line is in sight: few profitable quarters which would bring us to double digit stock evaluation.
  • FER - I miss you. I am going to try to recreate your presence: 14, 2, 31, 6, 1, 11, 19, 7, and 4!
  • SOB's at Bank of America just put statements like these to get the stock lower so they can backup the truck. Such a dirty strategy but it is what it is....
  • I look at Groupon everyday and I buy deals often.
    GPRN was reaching $6.00 by the end of last Summer. No reason why it won’t reach $5.00 this Summer.
  • Cramer just said buy, going to 5, says business is better than most people realize