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Gastar Exploration Inc. (GST)

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  • I just do not understand why this darling exploration company with so much activity going on out in the fiekld with rigs drilling, don't provide more frequent updates. Wouldn't it be nice to let shareholders know what depth the rig is at on such and such well, and if there were any indications of HC's or what ever.
    If you agree, give Mr Porter a call
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  • What are you old timers expecting for earnings on 8/3 AH? Long time GST trader and contemplating another common entry prior to earnings if I can get in under .90. Use to hold very long, but lately been flipping .88 to .95, rinse repeat. Greatly appreciate any thoughts from those of you following more closely than myself lately. TIA! Surf
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  • marc,
    you were right to tell people that panic selling at 85 cents or wherever it was at the time, because GST was about to be added to the Russell 2000 index , ( which happened because of the significant amount of shares GST added to their outstanding share count because of the Ares deal). But you should have told them to sell when the stock popped on that Russell rebalancing rally last Friday. It was a true selling opportunity as the common shares have ZERO equity value. Unless oil moves significantly higher, GST properties, which have some value, just plain do not have enough value to give value to the common shares. All of the value of the properties ( leases) would go to the first lien holder Ares, and then any remainder would go to the GST preferred stock owners to give partial value to those shares. But the common shares have no equity value. Why do they trade at 88 cents today? That represents the time premium of a intermediate term call option , on the hope that oil prices go significantly higher. That does not seem to be a good wager......... At least with the preferred, one gets paid a dividend, while waiting. I am not excited about the preferred either, as a long play, but if one is bullish about oil prices to some degree, and GST's ability to develop their properties, the preferred shares would be the better choice than the common shares.
  • marcellus, Robert and Umang. You're all correct in your analysis. The problem is that it's difficult to accurately value oil in the ground and drilling results. Especially with an oil price that won't sit still. The stock price may or not reflect actuality on both sides of the listed price. It's true that some part of the common stock price does imply an option. Whether it's zero or 100% depends on each person's estimate of the asset value of the leases and Guess" for the future of oil prices. As with most things in life it's probably 50/50.
  • Starting to move over to a buy from hold.
  • There you have it, up 27% at one point, hope you didn't sell in the 80s. Also there was 18 million shares traded in the last few minutes fue to the rebalancing, like I said yesterday.
  • Do yourself a favor and don't panic and sell. If oil has a good rally for a day or two this will pop 20%, it's volatile and now is not the time to sell, I actually doubled my position at .88.
  • Buying the GST-A today. If it continues down I will continue to load up. I didn't think I could do this twice. Let's hope the second time works out as well as the first time.
  • Oil is up and GST goes down...? Unreal.
  • on Friday at end of trading there were two very large blocks traded, one of about 10.2mill shares and another of about 2.2mill.
    Unlike civilized countries where trading platforms show who the buying and sellin brookers are in each trade, and even the buyer and sellers were, I am curious, who bought and sold these shares, because of the significance of their size.
    Did Ares buy more, and from whom?
    Did Ares sell, and to whom?
    I know for every seller there is a buyer, so for the conspiracy folks it does not show IMHO that there is a mass exodus out of GST.
    The other interesting thing IMHO was that on Wed and Thurs there was signifcantly large volumes in the A's and B's
    and on Friday, the vols in these two were signifcantly lower almost back to normal av sales/day
    Any thoughts amigos?
  • So there is strong support for crude at around $42.20. It bounced off of it yesterday and again pretty hard today. Maybe it will do it one more time then we get a short covering rally, if it breaks through me could see the 30s pretty easily. GST has no support below and no real resistance till about $1.13, it will be volatile but don't sell in the .80s cause you'll kick yourself later.
  • The A's and B's down over $1 at the start, then bounced to be up 1.16 and 80c respectivelt at this time. Almost $2 price swings on low vols. Happy to see the common up on big volume.
  • GST-A trails GST-B over $3 looks very attractive.
  • Ares gets the pie , we get the crumbs
  • somebody is liquidating the preferred.
  • Also remember that next Friday is the end of the month, end of the quarter, and end of the first half, thats not helping the laggards(energy stocks) also the Russell indexes are being rebalanced, which also causes some volatility
  • I love how we were sitting at $1.06 at 3:50pm then we lose 6% in ten minutes. Hang in there and we will be rewarded, they try to get everyone to sell and when we capitulate it will go the other direction and it will do it fast.