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NRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NRXP)

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  • b
    $RLF.SW conversation
    Why is news from partner $ACER published once before Relief Therapeutics starts trading and another time during ongoing trading?

    Hasn't this been a problem with partner $NRXP before?
  • O
    These warrants are taking off...up 70%. Some news on an settlement?
  • A
    Did you guys see this new trading strategy.For more info
  • M
    People saying that a “tentative” (possible) settlement moving to “FINALIZED” (binding) settlement ISNT A MATERIAL EVENT? $rlftf
  • B
    $MNKD conversation
    Grab some popcorn and enjoy the $MNKD show! Here are reasons why to buy #MNKD...
    🍿 Clofazimine Phase 1 results positive, &
    🍿 Afrezza Revenue growing yr after year, &
    🍿 Afrezza sales in Brazil to resume soon, &
    🍿 Afrezza pediatrics Phase 3 trial filling up, &
    🍿 Afrezza coverage by Medicare expanded, &
    🍿 Afrezza t/b filed in European Union soon, &
    🍿 Afrezza t/b filed in Canada soon, &
    🍿 Afrezza Australia approval soon, &
    🍿 Afrezza trial for gestational diabetes soon, &
    🍿 Afrezza Ph. 3 trial in India completes in ~ Jan. '23, &
    🍿 Tyvaso DPI now FDA approved, &
    🍿 Royalties from $UTHR for Tyvaso DPI pouring in, &
    🍿 Mfg reimbursement Cash is flowing from #UTHR to @MNKD, &
    🍿 Tyvaso Teton study underway, &
    🍿 Mfg. plant continued expansion, &
    🍿 Partners w/ $NRxP, &
    🍿 $MNKD grown to >400 employees, &
    🍿 BluHale Pro Launching in 4th Qrt. &
    🍿 ~$185M in cash-like in bank, &
    🍿 Cannabis partner Receptor Life Sciences Phase 1 commencing, &
    🍿 Clofazimine to proceed toward FDA approval as both an orphan lung and qualified infectious disease product (QIDP), &
    🍿 Pipeline advancing, &
    🍿 MannKind collaborates with Thirona to develop inhaled therapy for fibrotic lung diseases, &
    🍿 MORE new partnerships t/b formed,...

    SP back over $4 soon and will head higher!
  • b
    brian c
    Long absent, wannabe cowboy Nicholas just posted on stocktwits. He hasn’t posted here in a while because he’s been working as a stunt double on Brokeback Mountain 2.
  • R
    $RLFTF conversation
    Get in position! The next jump or price crash is history by Friday 21 October at the latest.
  • M
    I wonder what the reason is that NRX and $RLFTF have not issued PR on the material information that the settlement has been finalized.. They are past 30 days.. (this is separate material event from the details of the settlement)
  • M
    Let’s just hope that when it gets to $1 the Javitts don’t sell and crush momentum… Like when the inventor of NRX 101 sold over 750,000 shares during last “run” at the high of over $1!!! Doesn’t scream confidence… Thanks a bunch Dan
  • s
    why would you trust a company that went from $50 to .50 cents
  • C
    The shock will be we are not staying on the Nasdaq
  • d
    Low on cash ?
  • M
    Yes the TERMS are reported after execution…

    BUT…. the finalization IS material information and as such would need to be reported!!!
  • M
    I wonder what the reason is that they haven’t updated their PR and advised us of the material information that settlement has been finalized?? Seems all NRX can do it mislead shareholders with broken timelines and silence!! New management Same shadiness
  • M
    Such a ominous turn of events for NRXP when the inventor and leading scientist of their mental health drug, NRX-100/101, sells nearly all of his stake in the company
  • M
    “Guided Missile against COVID”
    “Akin to Penicillin”
    Would have to be the “biggest placebo effect ever”
    “Expect EUA”
    “Nation of Georgia EUA many other nations soon to follow”
  • M
    They are withholding from shareholders the status on IF they settlement was in fact finalized and THAT in itself is material separate from the actual TERMS!!!!!
  • I
    $RLF.SW conversation
    @max RT would do a good job if the reputation of the management wasn't so miserable.

    Not only the failure in the $NRXP / Javitt case should be mentioned here. There are other cases that have damaged the reputation. One can also say that what went wrong before 2020 is being continued in certain parts. We are now simply more broadly positioned, which on the one hand was not cheap and on the other hand allows certain problems to be concealed, at least over a certain period of time.

    Now the phase is slowly following in which more and more light is coming into the darkness. We can be curious to see what the poker game will look like once a few cards are on the table... 🤫✌️
  • C
    I thought today was a big day for the settlement with Rlftf.
    NRX playing games with us.