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    Pfizer Inc. (NYSE: PFE) and BioNTech SE (Nasdaq: BNTX) today announced that the U.S. government has purchased an additional 200 million doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine.
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    39% effective against Delta variant?? Not sure how much "store" I would put in that report. 94% down to 39% seems like a steep drop. Sounds like booster time with Delta variant taken into consideration within the booster shot. I'm sure PFE is working on this. Big money maker for them.
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    So PFE moves up from $39.55 to $41.65 in 15 minutes on extremely heavy volume, and fades the remainder of the day. Once again today $40.94 to $41.40+
    ONLY ONE REASON-Earnings leaked to big institutions-you can’t have that kind of volume in such short order, these institutions know the earnings will be blowout, guidance continued to be raised, and pipeline of phase two and three drugs around the corner.
    That’s mostly retail getting out, it allows the MM to continue to drop the bid and let’s the retail investor who many have been bag holders and looking to break even.
    You will will week long burst buying from institutions who are buying, and retail selling.
    $42.70 day before earnings-break 52 week high day earnings are released. ($43+)
    The CEO will once again state the stock is undervalued -
    Week long process going on here.
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    Quoc Dung
    well done, very strong uptrend, chart shows clear signal...buy...buy...buy will hit $45 by earning report out...sure beat all expectation and huge revenue...4% dividend...can not miss this opportunity ...guys get on before too late...regret !...pfe is making money ...billions ... ongoing till 2024 and so on. Do not listen to stupidity news saying pfe vaccine is not countable for revenue and earning...business is mainly making money regardless what to sale...big mistake which pfe makes by dividing types of medication and sales in report out, not considering all as a whole...institutes use this to drag the price down with releasing bad news to make money on selling call option...terrible manipulation..
    will be over shortly...do not worry...do not sale with scared emotion...hold...buy more shares...because pfe shows excellent performance...get more purchase orders till 2024 and pipeline has enough time to come out market with new medication approval...sale...huge accumulating earning... profit...people globally will gain confident to invest in pfe and buy more shares...because they do not want to miss the chance of wealth...pfe will win this earing report out...then same to 3rd Qtr..4th Qtr...and do on...look at the chart for the buy signal...news of purchase order...convert sales into billion dollar $...huge making and earning money from now on...till future...new technology...better ...effective..faster devoloping ...FDA approval... comercial...selling...earn...huge profit...think of mention above before invest...either short term or long term will make more money....should consider buying...good luck
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    PFE success going forward will depend on the "brains" of the scientist working,developing,improving medications that people need.PFE forming collaborative partnerships with other drug companies, like Arvinas,is a good move.Arvinas has a drug in development that fights breast cancer.PFE has opened a facility in South Africa to produce covid vaccine.I think Bourla and his fellow employees at PFE are doing a great job.The company is making some major decisions that if successful will provide major benefits.Once again that "success" begins with research science and then extends to manufacturing and logistics.Good-Luck!
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    Guys what do you think about investing a lot in pfizer next week during their interim report? Do we think +, or -?
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    Slow and Steady
    Actually up 10 percent now since starting a position in March. A pleasant surprise, cause I went in for the safe dividend yield.
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    I wonder how all of the vaccine revs will affect the upcoming earnings call.
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    News from Israel again, Why pfizer is not opening their mount ?
    Israel says Pfizer Covid vaccine is just 39% effective as delta spreads, but still prevents severe illness , check CNBC
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    Is there a technical error in NYSE today? I think the stock market is broken, or perhaps Yahoo has been hacked. I'm seeing that PFE is up 3.4% today. That can't be correct. PFE never goes up that much.
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    Why is it going up only now, first time over 41,5: one year after the vaccine approval!?
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    The Dow, Nasdaq and S&P made all time new highs today. Let’s see some follow through on Monday including a new 52 week high for Pfizer on or before earnings day. We’re $1.41 away from that reality.
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    Finally, some green.
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    Strong believer in mRNA technology to treat diseases beyond covid 19.
    Revolutionary science that took over 20 years to make real. In my text books in college. As a physician—this is beyond exciting. And no—bill gates can’t track me from my moderna vaccine—(I would have taken any of the vaccines)—my iPhone tracks me.
    To make it very simple for the misinformation of the vaccine.
    Protein synthesis occurs in the cytoplasm not the nucleus
    So the vaccine never enters your nucleus or it wouldn’t work.
    But covid 19 will enter your nucleus when you get covid—I can 100% guarantee that—cause that how viruses work. They can alter your dna —that’s how viruses cause cancer. Get the vaccine.
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    yahoo correct ? PFE up over a point!!
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    July 20, 2021
    The coronavirus vaccine made by Johnson & Johnson is much less effective against the Delta and Lambda variants than against the original virus, according to a new study posted online on Tuesday.

    Although troubling, the findings result from experiments conducted with blood samples in a laboratory, and may not reflect the vaccine’s performance in the real world. But the conclusions add to evidence that the 13 million people inoculated with the J.&J. vaccine may need to receive a second dose — ideally of one of the mRNA vaccines made by Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna, the authors said.

    The conclusions are at odds with those from smaller studies published by Johnson & Johnson earlier this month suggesting that a single dose of the vaccine is effective against the variant even eight months after inoculation.

    The new study has not yet been peer reviewed nor published in a scientific journal. But it is consistent with observations that a single dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine — which has a similar architecture to the J.&J. vaccine — shows only about 33 percent efficacy against symptomatic disease caused by the Delta variant.
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    Does Pfizer have a legitimate chance of bouncing hard coming into earnings and on the the report?
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    The earnings report, which is expected to be released on July 28, 2021, will help the stock move higher .
    Revenues are expected to be $17.54 billion, up 48.6% from the year-ago quarter.
    Price target $ $48.50
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    If The share price is no higher than it was 21 years ago what are the odds of it going significantly higher in the near term future?
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    If it passes $42 this week, $45 is easily possible next week.