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Rogers Communications Inc. (RCI)

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    Stable Value
    Time for 67$ soon
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    Midnight Investor
    This is a great stock to buy right now. It’s down (recovery about to start) and the dividend sweetens the pot. Your money is also safeguarded from a large market correction in this stock. And don’t forget the ex-div date is in only 2 weeks!
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    With a 1-yr Target of 67 and the dividend this has the potential for a lot of growth next year! Buy the dips before this shoots up
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    Rogers will eventually jump into the Sports Betting! That will open a new income stream.
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    What’s a good entry?
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    mmmm i love me some dips to buy
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    What's with the rally? All cdn telecoms going up
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    Shaw will never sell
  • R
    I didn’t think their report was that bad considering the current conditions. If the virus does come to an end by fall I would think this sp is very attractive. A little bit of panic selling if you ask me.
  • K
    Buy shaw instead. this is what i did. cheap compared to rogers and potential takeover target by rogers as well.
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    George Springer!!!!
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    Of coarse one of their excuses was Covid and less traveling hence lower roaming fees. Shaw is currently offering competitive cell plans with no roaming fees .
  • J
    The worst company in the world to deal with
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    If anyone wants an excellent "no annual fee" mastercard (that has cash back and travel insurance), they should look into Roger's Bank. I'm not sure why the company doesn't advertise more on this part of their business - seems like a missed opportunity. GLTA!
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    People need to realize.

    Rogers should outperform. I bought the dip.

    Rogers should outperform even in a corona situation because telecom is almost an essential and is involved in all of our lives. Are you here? your using telecom? Don't believe me, talk to your friend and ask his opinion over the phone--telecom! Maintaining subscriptions require 0 person-to-person interaction unlike retail stores for food and consumer staples... When your home on self-isolation, lockdown, quarentine, you are probably bored and will want to be on your phone, TV, PC, etc.! Our modern entertainment at home is heavily telecom based. Thus, we should track tightly with bell regarding the rates/momentums on the charts.

    The only fear is a demand shock... But, telecom should not be hit first! Luxury may get hit, apple may get hit for selling new phones, but not telecom services (internet, telephone, VoIP, IPTV, cable subscriptions, home security) on smartphones, landlines, TVs, smart home devices, etc.

    Secondly, people are wrong to think the news for Rogers to help people with meals is bad as it may be an expense. BUT, Rogers *helping* with the million meals affects their reputational capital so in the event of an economic downturn, people still remember the good they did. It increases customer loyalty, thus reducing subscription churn rates. ALSO, as for the cost outweighing the benefit in an economy that may turn sour and reward defensive stocks like RCI... Donations are tax deductable. Rogers already pays tax. Its free/cheap marketing with a social positive to help people.

    Its brilliant. You guys are crazy for selling off on the panic.
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    at this point this is super cheap considering its longer term chart and it's rsi is closing in on 30. no major news taking this down. buy buy buy. loaded a bunch
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    As of this post, RCI has a forward P/E of 14.5 which is quite good going into the 5G future. A solid beat on earning's report this April will take the share price above $75 in the next few months. GLTA!
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    Strong quarter hold tight we flying from here