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  • m
    If I were the grassy knoll type I could easily weave together a yarn about Q2/Q3 rev rec, the CFO getting jettisoned, a Q2 miss and brighter prospects for Q3. But I’m just a dissatisfied shareholder not a conspiracy theorist.
  • J
    Jeff Manzanita
    A possible lesson from the stock UBX (Unity Biotechnology). I once had 50,000 shares in the company, and to my great disappointment, its senescent cell removal formula to deal with osteoarthritis in knees failed in trial, causing my shares at about $11 at the time, to crash to around $4, when I sold 80% of them. The stock fell to around 60 cents a while back, so I didn't feel as bad about getting out at $4.. (Not even NR could cheer me up the day I took that loss. I will have capital loss carryovers for some time....) Yesterday, UBX announced a successful Phase 2 trial regarding diabetic macular degeneration. The usual number of shares traded daily (about 70,000) went to over 76,000,000, and the stock price was up about 68% when I last looked. A successful Phase 2 regarding Tru Niagen and Parkinson's could have similar results. Unlike Tru Niagen UBX's senolytic ,it is not the only senolytic being tested, and unlike TruNiagen, it cannot be sold yet. UBX has no income, unlike Chromadex, whose income report was disappointing a few days ago. Some have questioned the importance of protecting the patents, but there is very good reason to do so, and the recent PATAB ruling is very welcomed. Saving money on litigation where doing so would allow an infinite number of competitors to hi-jack the science would be a terrible mistake.
  • A
    Well anyways, I am proud to say that I was the star among the nurses at my doctor appointment yesterday. They passed my vitals around and gave me a A+ because, at 64 y.o., my resting heart rate is 54, my blood pressure is perfect; I've never been overnight in a hospital; do not smoke or drink; exercise into the zone of a 40 year old; have BMI of 20.4; and am a HAPPY person. I will always be proud to tell them that I take TruNiagen, because they DO ask. I would not want to refer anyone to any other company than Chromadex to buy NR, mostly because of the FDA's safety certification that Chromadex holds. They got that certification because of rigorous science. Even in investor frustrated times, you can't deny that the science is rigorous and will continue to be. I'm sticking with Chromadex as an investor and a customer.
  • s
    PTAB ruled against Thorne. Second setback for them in a short period
  • G
    (a) On August 10, 2022, Kevin Farr was terminated without cause as Chief Financial Officer of the Company, and as an officer, employee, and director of the Company and any subsidiaries of the Company in which he serves in any of those capacities, effective as of August 12, 2022.
  • T
    The guidance didn't give me any hope as an investor. I see by the falling share price, many share holders came to the same conclusion.
  • s
    Well that is not good. Only plus is cashflow breakeven in 3rd quarter. We may be for sale.
  • A
    I'm expecting to see the next level toward profitability in the earnings report this afternoon.
  • P
    "We think the NAD market in China is more than $700 million." When Sinopharm revenue begins to kick in and bear fruit in 2023, CDXC will generate explosive revenue growth. We will capture some % of the overall NAD market in China which is huge and growing. Next few years will be richly rewarding for CDXC investors for those that are patient. I also expect to see analyst upgrades in 2023 as China revenues kick in. 2023 and 2024 will see CDXC reach new share price highs imo. I'm very bullish long term.
  • S
    One thing that keeps me invested in this stock is the intense regret and sadness I would feel if the product for some reason became unavailable. The product and delivery are perfect for me and make my life so much better.
  • b
    I don't see any hope for this company as long as Fried is in charge. He will run it straight into the ground and the board will do nothing till it's all gone. There is no excuse for revenue to be declining. They think they can cut a bunch of expenses next quarter and finally reach profitability....but profits with a declining revenue outlook or flat revenue outlook is not going to please investors either. WE WANT GROWTH AND PROFITS. Fried is incapable of delivering this.
  • s
    wow 2023 cashflow positive he says
  • R
    Robert Courie
    I have not listened to the earnings webcast yet, but does anyone have information on:

    1. Appeal of patent decision from last Fall?
    2. Why the CFO was terminated? A CFO being terminated always makes me really nervous?
    3. Update on any research regarding NR and COVID, especially as a treatment for long-COVID?
  • J
    So.. Ladies and Gentlemen.. Anybody nervous?.. our entire investment is on the line.. did the company manage to increase revenues and cut costs?.. wager anyone?
  • k
    What would it take for the stock to get into the high teens?
  • P
    CS made an important post yesterday on some of the pending catalysts. The launch into China (once our Hong Kong billionaire CDXC shareholders help finalize Gov't approval) will generate enormous revenues.

    Remember the recent CDXC insider buying from Hong Kong. They know the future profit potential. The revenue potential from future China sales is staggering.

    With the small CDXC float, share price will easily be over $5 and it may happen much sooner than many expect. $7-$8 or higher share price in next 6-9 months. Need to get to $5 first which I expect within next 6 months..



    CBEC launch into China (Sino deal).

    New Premium SKU to support Sino (Sino PR).

    NextGen Tru Niagen (Nagel convo/ Oppenheimer Conference).

    Monetize Patented Next Generation precursors (Key Opinion Leader Webinar)."
  • p
    Disappointed by the revenue numbers but I have to admit that going for cash flow breakeven is a good strategy in the current climate. It is not going to be an easy environment to raise funds, especially for a company with lackluster growth like CDXC.

    Going to be keeping the bulk of my shares but definitely not overweight at this point.
  • J
    This is predictable, in bullish phase. Broker recommended stock at $1.62, Sell at $2.45, Stop at $2.35
  • I
    The previously #1 B3 ranked Nutricost Nicotinamide has been incredibly stable in terms of amzn rank over the last 15 months.

    The quarterly average ranks were:
    Q2 2021 : 1256
    Q3 2021 : 1306
    Q4 2021 : 1231
    Q1 2022 : 1125
    Q2 2022 : 1202

    Not a lot of variation, and even when you look day to day, it’s like a very horizontal line, not much oscillation. For sure out of all the B3 vitamins, that line has been way more consistent.

    That is, until the last 3 months or so. Starting around middle of May, it’s ranks have been trending worse. The average rank to date for Q3 2022 is 1590.

    It’s hard to say to what extent Niagen might be cannibalizing market share from the other B3 vitamins. The optimist in me wants to think that perhaps some NAM users are switching to Niagen, or maybe Niagen taking the #1 B3 spot has caused some new customers to choose Niagen instead of NAM.
  • J
    Jeff Manzanita
    The new patent application regarding microcapsulating NR ((NMN, etc.) and more efficiently getting to the cells without deterioration to NAM keeps getting deleted, even without a link the application. Someone doesn't like good news. (5th attempt.)