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    GERN GOLDEN CROSS!!!!! Look GERN just blew through the technical chart GOLDEN CROSS the #1 buy signal of all time. No wonder 11 stock analyst now have GERN rated a strong buy. See it below.
    "Stock Price Forecast"
    According to 11 stock analysts, the average 12-month stock price forecast for Geron stock is $4.08, which predicts an increase of 186.32%." Target is $7.35. On average, analysts rate Geron stock as a buy.
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    Short sellers have shorted 70% of all GERN stock stock trades the last 5 trading days and GERN has still went up 15% in the last 5 trading days.
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    Post by biopearl:
    Red Ant Man, I know you read this board. I would reply to you on YMB but my posts are continually deleted. But you can respond to me there if you wish since your posts do not appear to get deleted. A couple of things. Yes the J and J study did not show CRs and PRs which is probably why they ran. Dr. T’s study did show impressive PR and CRs. Take a look at the BM slides. This of course is NOT tantamount to a cure but impressive non the less, the difference being that Dr. T had a variety of patients in his study (CR and PR median duration 18 months) and the J and J study was not front line, it was last line. These patients had basically failed everything else short of BM transplant. Nonetheless you conveniently leave out that 40+% had bone marrow improvement in the high dose group which apparently translated to longer life and other endpoints like anemia improvement. You also lump anemia improvement in MDS with MF. As you point out SBF1 mutations do not seem to play a role in MF but are very important in TD MDS and yes the QT study conveniently allows additional patients to be looked at with these mutations, clearly with good reason. Recall a 3 gm Hgb improvement in responders.It may allow a valid comparison with Imetelstat’s nearest competitor. Pretty impressive. Yes PII findings led to very different designs for PIII studies with MF emphasizing OS as a heretofore never studied PIII endpoint in R/R patients. And yes they were led there by the absence of PR and CRs (bye bye Janssen) but living longer (correlated with bone marrow improvement that did not make criterion for CR, PR etc) is a very tangible and desirable end point wouldn’t you agree? Of course kmall correctly shut down the spurious content suggestion “interim” MDS study data release. See you in Jan for TLR. So much to look forward to there. Red Ant Man you should look up formication, I know you don’t know what that means. bp
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    iMetelstat ... it all come down to chemistry

    cytokines , chemokines , growth factors

    identification , origin , activity , signal transduction pathways

    MDS , AML , MF , ET

    one size fits all ???

    back in the 1970s science separated AML into 8 subtypes

    current thinking is there are dozens of distinct subtypes

    permutations is the WORD !!!

    this requires investigations...

    and this necessitates FUNDING !!!

    iMetelstat the drug and geron the going concern

    it can all be yours for $2 billion dollars !!!

    the window opens october and closes april

    SOLD ???
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    The short sellers have to buy up 25 million GERN shares and the institutions already own 50% of all the GERN stock! GERN FDA drug approval is only a few months away.
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    Uncle Ballsio
    bought another 1,000 shares at good measure at $1.4299, gonna see $1.50 by weeks end. Remember, GERN was right here at this $1.40-1.44 range when June 18th of last year had 348 million shares trade on a single day that ran it up to $2.23/shr. Anything is immediately possible.
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    batman says same speal in several voices🦇🦇🦇🦇
    anyone know why?
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    don't worry geron shareholders, its all good, we're starting our ascent to $25 minimum, you can be sure that everything chip touches turns into gold!
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    Exclusion Criteria:

    - Peripheral blood blast count of ≥ 10% or bone marrow blast count of ≥ 10%.

    so they shared the "blast" eXclusion criterion with you

    but what were the acTual "blasts" statistics used in the iMbark study ???

    why are these relevant facts NOT disclosed ???

    Conclusions: Patients with ≥ 4% peripheral blood [PB] or ≥ 5% bone marrow [BM] blasts [BL] have OS that appears to be the same as those with >10% BL, suggesting that these patients may require a more aggressive treatment approach.

    *Patients with Accelerated Phase (AP) myelofibrosis (MF; >10% blasts [BL] in bone marrow [BM] or peripheral blood [PB]) have shorter overall survival (OS) than those in the chronic phase (<10% BM/PB BL).
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    Rizo's retirement is now secured by Bayer... how about ours?
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    GERN drug FDA top line results are only 6 months away and M.D. Anderson says GERN's drug has greatly raised the bar in blood cancer drugs and M.D. Anderson says that for the first time M.D. Anderson can talk about adding years of life to these terminal patients. NIH just said that GERN's drug kills the cancer stem cells while not harming normal cell. The Mayo Clinic says that GERN's drug is the only drug that returns cancerous bone marrow to normal. Now 11 stock stock analyst are rating GERN stock a strong buy with a $7.35, 12 month target price.
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    Geron is NOT being sold for $2B.

    It cost well over $1B to develop Imetelstat, an FIC drug up to this point.

    Even "IF" Geron was sold for $2B, that represents an approx 200% increase in the current SP.

    Most INVESTORS would consider a 200% payday a major windfall.

    I'm not quite sure what you're point is here?

    Are you trying to persuade retail investors to buy Geron stock?

    A 200% potential increase will certainly not deter them.

    IF Geron is completely sold it will be more in the line of $30B+


    BTW - being confused on Clinical Trial data readouts and deletions of past posts doesn't bolster your credibility here either. -Kmall
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    stock options -- Aleksandra Rizo - GERN / Geron Corporation - Insider Trade Report

    750,000 2019-02-01 $1.03

    291,375 2020-02-14 $1.30

    300,000 2021-02-04 $2.06

    750,000 2022-02-18 $1.06

    2,091,375 TOTAL options

    $1.23 average exercise price
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    Johnny Red
    Anything possible. Partnership before TLR though? I mean what information would they be acting on?
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    Hey Red Ant Man.

    I have opined, for years, that chippy failed investors and patients by allowing Janssen to use "sicker" patients in the MF P2. I was concerned that these "sicker" patients would be less responsive to IMET. Thus, it was not surprising to note that NO CRs or PRs were identified!

    Now, we move on to the MDS P3 and we have not heard anything about PRs or CRs with this treatment. I asked the board about this a few weeks ago. Our Copy and Paste brigade did not comment that they found any. True, MF and MDS are different but, in ways, they are similar.

    I have not seen anything about the stage of the disease for the new MF P3 patients. Maybe there will be PRs and CRs with them?!?!?

    Something to think about as the GERN paint dries!

    Of course, IMO.
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    Since someone liked this so much the first time....I'll repost it.....

    Everyone here remember.........???

    Denise Meyer - Vice President, Head of Medical Affairs
    Geron Corporation
    Aug 2021 - Present 11 mos

    Prior to joining Geron she was -

    Specialty Medicine Medical Affairs Senior Director, Hematology
    Bayer Pharmaceuticals
    Nov 2020 - Aug 2021 10 mos

    Dr. Rizo - CMO, Geron Corporation will now be:

    President and Head of Research and Development at Vividion Therapeutics

    Vividion Therapeutics was acquired by Bayer in August 2021 for $2B

    Prior to Bayer, Denise Meyer was at:

    Bristol-Myers Squibb
    4 yrs 4 mos

    Region Director (Hematology | Myeloid MSL Team)
    Jan 2020 - Nov 2020 11 mos

    Region Lead, Heme/GI Field Medical Scientists
    Apr 2019 - Jan 2020 10 mos

    Pathology Diagnostics Liaison, Oncology Biomarkers and Diagnostics
    Aug 2016 - Apr 2019 2 yrs 9 mos

    BMY acquired Celgene in January 3, 2019 for $74B........

    Where you guessed it......Dr. Rizo was....

    Executive Director, Strategy and Clinical Lead, Clinical R&D
    Mar 2018 - Jan 2019 11 mos

    Just a little food for thought.

    Things are starting to get a little interesting around here. -Kmall
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    total 12 mill shares traded Friday WHY
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    Low volume so far ??!! Let’s hope it picks up to boost the take off !!
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    Prince of Pomposity
    Who told you $1.40's were coming last week?

    Prince of Pomposity5 days ago
    Melting UP....

    $1.40 by the weekend maybe?
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    sheeze, this should be a no brainer for highly compensated medical types:

    Among these 3 groups, median OS was 64 months for patients with 0% blasts, which dropped to 48 months for patients with PB blasts from 1% to 3%, and to 22 months for patients with 4% PB blasts. Compared with patients with 1% to 3% PB blasts and patients with 4% PB blasts, patients with 0% PB blasts had hazard ratios of 0.69 (95% CI, 0.58-0.81) and 0.34 (95% CI, 0.27-0.43), respectively.